Vancouver Island


Vancouver Island sits off the west coast of Canada.

Your task is to research this island and investigate what it’s like and what activities are available to tourists that visit the island. If you were one of those visitors what would you like to take part in, what would interest you the most.

I have approached someone who lives on the island, if your writing is good enough then maybe they will comment on what you have put and tell you what it is like to live there.


Islands around the world

We are nearing the end of our learning about islands, next week we are heading off into the world of Vikings!
Your blog this week is to do some research. Investigate 5 different islands from the following bodies of water:

1) The Indian Ocean
2) The Mediterranean Sea
3) The Atlantic Ocean
4) The Pacific Ocean
5) The North Sea

Write down the body of water – the name of the island – and at least 1 fact about it.

Happy investigating, remember that all proper nouns start with a CL.

A new discovery

There have been many songs written about islands. A famous one was sung by Dolly Parton, called ‘Islands in the stream’. For your blog this week I would like you to write a verse of your own island song. It might help if you think of a tune that you like and then fit the words to it, remember if you do that to put which tune you are thinking of then we can try to sing along when we read your lyrics!

Kian’s story starter

Day 1    Kian

Today I was on the Starburst travelling the world with my mum, dad and presus dog Steler Artware, we were driving smoothly. The Starburst was bursting with fun and could see the stars and we could see the stars every night that’s why we called it the ‘Starburst’! We bought the boat when mum and dad got made redundant from the brik factry. Plus it’s better because we get to see each other every day but the sad thing is that there is no room and I sleep on an inverted camp bed from when we whent camping on weekends.


I think the way Kian has explained how his boat got its name is excellent, this has really made me want to read more about the story – what do you think?