Tropical Rainforests – what have you learnt?


We have been learning about the rainforest – but what have you learnt?

Write a paragraph that shares your learning with your readers.

Remember that your writing must use different exciting sentence types, correct puntuation and WOW words. Impress the world with your knowledge and your writing.

Marius the giraffe – tell us what you think?

We have, over the past 3 weeks been following the story of Marius, a young giraffe who was killed in a zoo in Copenhagen, Denmark. He was shot to make room for a better male who would produce higher quality offspring. The children in Year 6 have debated this issue and have now written some outstanding pieces of balanced discussion texts.

Please read them and reply so we can see what your opinions are about this story.

Aidan Alana Anya Dylan Ellie Elliot Hayden Holly Leah Mackenzie M Molly H Rohan