SPAG practise 2

Answer three of these SPAG questions. Make sure you label them with the correct letter before answering.

A) Find one word that can complete both sentences below.

1. The children tried to_____ the cards in the pairs game.
2. The waiter lit the candle with a_____.

B) Mr Whoops has made three clumsy spelling mistakes in his sentences. Can you correct them?
I have always prefered salt and vinegar crisps rather than prawn cocktail – in fact, I’d say that they are my favorite. They are delicous in a crisp sandwich!

C) Write out the relative pronoun in this sentence.
The boy had had non-stop hiccups for almost three weeks, which was a new world record.

D) Re-write this sentence in the passive voice:
The girl was jumping on the pogo stick.

SPAG practise 1

Answer three of these SPAG questions. Make sure you label them with the correct letter before answering.

A) Insert the most appropriate punctuation mark between the two independent clauses in the sentence below.
The golfer dropped to his knees in celebration he had finally won a major tournament.

B) Can you think of a more formal synonym to replace this adjective?

C) Change these nouns/adjectives into verbs by adding the suffixes -ise, -ify, -ate or -en.

D) The ground was lit up by the hovering spaceship. Is this sentence active or passive?

E) Look at the sentence below and add two modal verbs:
The new restaurant, The Pizza Palace, ___________ be opening at the weekend, and my family and I ________ go for a meal there.

Spring poem

It’s Spring, for your blog work I want you to write a poem based on Springtime. Think about how it’s the start of new life, the lambs in the field, the bulbs growing in the ground, the weather becoming warmer and how everything seems to become new again.

Your poem should include similes, metaphors, imagery, onomatopoeia and alliteration.


This week is officially the start of Spring. This is the season where the Earth comes to life again after a period of sleep through the winter, new animals are born and the flowers and trees start to grow new leaves.

What do you think about when you think of Spring? Describe the changes that take place.


Fox Hunting


Fox hunting has been banned in this country, there are arguments on both sides of this law.

  1. Fox hunting is a sport, it is cruel, foxes should be allowed to live unharmed etc.
  2. It keeps the number of foxes under control, foxes kill many farm animals, it is an English tradition etc

Think about these arguments, include some of your own and write an answer to the question:
Q: Should fox hunting be allowed in this country?

Remember to include connectives and a range of sentence types.

Who do you admire?

We have just finished a literacy unit on biographies where we looked at different famous people.

We all know people that we admire and aspire to be like.

It might be a famous sportsperson, it might be someone off television, it might be someone in school or a member of your family.

Who do you admire and why. Remember to give really clear reasons for your choice.