Being Healthy

I want you to list the top ten things that you need to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It might be that you already do some of them or it might be that you need to start doing a lot of them?
Have a good think about what the top ten would be on your list.

Remember to write in full sentences, check your punctuation before pressing POST and also check your spelling.

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  1. 1) To eat more healthy things rather than eating crisp and chocolate.
    2) Get out more often by walking, running, jogging.
    3) Try more fruit because I don’t like a lot of fruit so if I try more I will be eating healthy.
    4) I would eat more vegetables to also keep healthy.
    5) I would drink more water and summer fruits instead of fizzy pop.
    6) I would go to the gym more often like Saturday and Sunday.
    7) I would not sit in my house all day.
    8) Run around more at school at break and dinner.
    9) I would definitely play out more at home than sitting on my phone at home.
    10) When I am older not smoke or drink alcohol.

  2. 1) Eat healthy food like fruit and vegetables and not as much chocolate crisp and sweets.
    2) Drink 6 glasses of water a day and not a lot of fizzy pop and unhealthy drinks.
    3)Keep fit and don’t always sit in your house when you could be playing outside.
    4) Go to the gym a lot more than sitting on my phone.
    5) Do more activities that involve keeping fit.
    6)Run around or do something that will keep you fit when you have spear time.
    7) Do lots more reading to keep your minds healthy.
    8)Have some time to your self and think positive.
    9) Go on a bike ride a lot more.
    10) Play out more with my friends.

  3. 1. Do not drink fizzy drinks.
    2. Do not drink alchahol when you are an adult.
    3. Do not eat too much chocolates.
    4. Eat vegetables.
    5. Do not smoke when you are an adult.
    6. Drink water.
    7. Do running
    8. Do sports.
    9. Do not eat a takeaway everyday
    10. Do not eat too much crisps.

  4. You would
    1 you will eat more healthy
    2 go out and run or walker jog
    3 eat more fruit like apples bannnas carrot
    4 go to the gym often
    5 I would drink more water than fizzy pop
    6 never smoke when your adult
    7 clean your teeth
    8 climbing the stairs than the elavator
    9 I will play out more than staying inside
    10 never drink alcohol when your older

  5. 1) I would eat healthy and try to eat more fruit and veg
    2) I would go to bed early( except on a Saturday)
    3)I would play with my friends so I don’t get lonely
    4)I would read more so I can boost my learning and base my stories on them
    5) I would like to play with my puppy so he learns to not fight and bite my ears
    6)Finally I would learn more and train my puppy called Benji

  6. To be healthy you need to eat five fruits a day
    Brush your teeth every day and night
    Take a bath /shower every night
    Don’t eat bad foods
    Don’t do drugs
    Don’t smoke
    Work out
    Change clothes in the morning and night
    Always wash your hands after going on the toilet
    Wash your face when you wake up

    • You shouldn’t spend too much time on electronics
      You should try not to hit your head too much because you might get brain damage
      If you get a head ache you shouldn’t continue using electronics

  7. 1) you need to have a apple one a day to keep your teeth healthy
    2)you need your vedgabuls to keep you fit and strong
    3)you will need your carrots to keep your eyes site good
    4)you need all your fruits to keep you fit as well
    5)you will have to eat a banana because it will keep you strong
    6)you will need your oranges with the banana they keep me really fit
    7)I always eat a pear a day because it help we run faster
    8)for your vedabuls I eat lettuce because it helps me to grow
    9)I always eat tomatoes because I can be more better at eating tomatoes
    10)I always eat all my vedabuls on a roast dinner because there good because of the broccoli and the colliflour

  8. Walk to school or jog. Go on a bike ride. Eat fruit and salad. Drink healthy drinks. Go on a run. Don’t have no pop. No chocolate. Go to boxing. No sweets. Go on a hike.

  9. 1. exercise.
    2. healthy food.
    3. no junk food
    4. water
    5. milk
    6. no chocolate
    7. less meat
    8. more vegetarian food
    9. more fruit
    10. more healthy than junk food

  10. I would always go for a run with my dad and eat fruit and veg for my dinner and yougourt and work out in my dads gym and keep running with my mum and dad so I can keep fit and heathy and not eat sweets for like 2 weeks and then always brush my teeth.I will eat lots of fruit and veg and then I will go for a run 2 times a day with my dad probbly take my brother with me well he will not come he is to lazy to run anyway………I will stay strong keep healthy and keep trying and do lots of tricks on my 15 foot trampoline and stay fit as long as I need to…………..

      • You need to run and conantrate on your work and you need to focus on the good things and you need to drink water and many many vegetables and much much more to keep safe and healthy and think carefully about your work and take showers or baths and stay okay and heathy…..

  11. I run
    I eat fruit and vegetables
    I brush my teeth
    I play with my friends
    I don’t eat to much junk food
    I drink lots of water
    I play outside
    I walk my dog
    I jog
    I walk a lot

  12. you could do running as a sport or walking, they’re similar, and they’re both good.
    Or maybe jumping or hopping, also hopscotching. It helps more.
    Star jumps or anything like that would be good and is still excersise.
    Healthy food is amazing like Carrots because they’re healthy
    You could have broccoli because that’s REALLY healthy for your body.
    Or even.. Fruits, they could be delicious and tasty for your body.
    Watermelon is tasty and juicy, you wouldn’t really think its SO healthy for your body.
    Or u could have peas, corn or sweet corn which is good
    Or oranges which is good.
    Melon is good too.

      • Always keep your mind healthy by eating veg and fruit, if your In school and you do hard work, you are gonna do hard work and have to get your mind healthy for it, there’s a lot of different thinks you can do to keep your mind healthy, it’s like the same as keeping your body healthy.

  13. The top ten things on my list would eat healthy and start doing meditation. I would start going for a run on weekends and exerciseing more. That I start to sleep more and have coversations about school with my family. I would spend less time on my phone and start to go swimming more or do more cycling.

  14. 1. You should eat fruits and vegetables
    2. Also go for runs
    3. You should do exercise
    4. You should have the right amout of sleep
    5. Make sure your not eating to much junk food
    6. Do a lot of reading and writing
    7. Pay attention to important stuff
    8. You should always brush your teeth
    9. You should never swallow chewing gum
    10. Make sure you wash your hair

  15. 1= Eat healthy.
    2= Drink lots of water.
    3= Drink lots of milk
    4= Go to the gym.
    5 = Get lots of sleep.
    6= Walk lots
    7= Do PE
    8= Do lots of activities
    9= Dont drink Beer
    10= Dont smoke

  16. 1) I can go on walks with my mum. 2) I can go to kickboxing. 3)I can go to football. 4) I can have salads 5) I can go to the park. 6) I can play just dance 2020 7)I can eat healthily. 8) I can go swimming. 9) I can go to clubs in school. 10) I can eat vegetables

  17. Eat healthy
    Drink more water
    Do more exersize
    Don’t be to greedy
    Eat lots of protein
    Everyday 5 a day
    Get more sleep

    When I’m older

    Don’t drink
    Don’t smoke
    No drugs

  18. 1 you nedd to go for a run.
    2 eat less fat food.
    3 dont eat junk food.
    4 do exersice
    5 eat fruit
    6 eat vegtables
    7 wash your body
    8 go to the gym
    9 No fisy drinks
    10 stay hydreted

  19. My top ten are to work more harder on are:
    .Eating more vegetables
    .Squats jumps
    .Thinking and not rushing
    .Let my mind take over
    .Eating healthy
    .Drinking more water
    .Being me

  20. To keep healthy and fit I will: eat healthy, train everyday, never smoke when I’m an adult, never drink fizzy drinks, do sports, work my hardest in P.E, eat fruits and my vegetables, not drink other things that are bad for me.

  21. 1) Do not do drugs that will affect your body and you won’t be healthy
    2) I would stop eating junk food and start eating healthy and drink 8 cups of water.
    3) I would eat 5 a day and if I want to be really healthy I will be a vegetarian and eat less.
    4) Shower so you don’t get dirty.
    5) do not smoke it will also affect your lungs and that will make you unhealthy.
    6) don’t drink a lot of alcohol
    7) protect your skin so you don’t make it dirty
    8) get some exercise
    9) lose weight if your overweight
    10)get enough sleep

      • By not being on the internet on the PlayStation or phone etc and getting outside and having time with your friends. Not sitting in your bed all day texting your friend or playing xbox or PlayStation

  22. To help being healthy have your 5 a day do sports like 4. Rounders 5.netball. a nother good way to be healthy is to change your diet and drink water. So do not play on your tablet laptop phone game console do not sit and watch tv or stay in bed. Go out there and be healthy also brush your teeth and have a wash. Be healthy.

  23. You need to do exercise and also drink water and not drink fizzy pop or eat sweets. Eat more healthy foods and don’t eat junk food. You can eat your 5 a day so that keeps you healthy. Play outdoors sports or games with your friends. Go for a walk with an animal or with your friends or you could go for a bike ride.

      • Go to bed early and don’t have screen time as much. Make sure you are always hydrated and meditate to relax your brain or have an amazing hot bath. Make sure that you have all 3 meals a day and take a nice walk.

  24. 1.exercising
    2.not smoking drinking alcohol healthy foods
    5.don’t eat junk food all of the time
    6.go and do some hobbies that include a bit of sport
    7.reading books
    8.riding a bike
    9.having a good mindset
    10.being a glass half full person

  25. Sleep for nine hours or more. Brush your teeth twice a day. Eat your 5 a day. Go swimming. Ride your bike more often. Go dancing. Drink 8 bottles of water. Don’t smoke when your an adult. Don’t drink alcohol when your older. Go running.

  26. I can keep health by eating the five a day, training at the boxing gym that I go to to keep fit. Go running to get faster, go biking, go swimming, go dancing, go rock climbing, brush your teeth sleep for nine hour and do not smoke.

  27. 1-drink lots of water.
    2- east sugar and fat free foods.
    3-work out a lot .
    4-go to healthy clubs like swimming or to the gym.
    5- do a daily walk or run by taking the dog out or going to the park.
    6- eat fruit and vegetables.
    7- make sure to have a healthy meal.
    8- have fruit or a healthy cereal for breakfast.
    9- do lots of sports and try to not drink alcohol.
    10- try to not smoke or try to smoke less.

      • You can keep your mind healthy by also drinking lots of water and not hold your worries and problems in and if you do tell someone about them. You can stay for and active and find yourself some hobbies you like to do.

  28. You have to stay healthy by eating.
    Like banana
    And the tings that you shouldn’t eat is
    Orange juice.

      • You can keep healthy by eating.
        And how to keep your mind healthy is.
        Having a bath
        Reading a book
        Drinking plenty of water
        Don’t go on games play outside

      • You can keep healthy by eating good foods and health drinks like water and you can do exercise like running club, netball club. This are the things you should drink eating good foods.

  29. 1) Eat less junk food and more healthy food.
    2) Drink lots of water and milk.
    3) Do exercise at least 30 minutes a day.
    4) Go to swimming, swimming uses all of you muscles.
    5) Walk to school in stead of taking the car or take the bus.
    6) Go to bed at a decent time.
    7) Do not smoke.
    8) Have health meals a day.
    9) Have your 5 a day.
    10) Brush your teeth when you wake up after your breakfast and before you go to bed.

  30. 1)Exercise more, like lifting weights or sprinting.
    2)Eat more halthy food.
    3)drink lots of milk.
    4)Drink lots of water.
    5)Go swimming you use all your muscles and energy.
    6)Brush your teeth 2 times a day.
    7)Walk to school.
    8)Particapate in sports
    9)Eat your 5 a day
    10)Limit the amount of sugar you eat.

  31. To keep your mind healthy you should
    Limit times on phones or PlayStations.
    Think about good things.
    Never let a bad thought get the best of you.
    Always have a positive attitude.
    Get lots of sleep .

  32. Being Henie

    Appals and oranges
    Bnanars and greys
    Tmatos and panappul
    Carlos and sellrli
    Thins wat you shud do
    Run and be felling
    Go to the gin things wat you shud not do
    You shud not smock
    And wet your 5 a day

  33. To keep your mind you need to think positive and knock out all the negative thoughts. Tell people about your mental problems so your emotions. Go to bed at a decent time and stay hidrated oh and eat fish if you like it, it gives your brain brain power. You can do medication to carm your brain down and to cleare the mind.

  34. You can change your diet by eating vegetables like carrots peas potatoes lettuce and more . You could go to the gym to work out because that’s healthy and you should run swim and do a lot of amazing sports. Stay healthy. Drink water.


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