Fox Hunting


Fox hunting has been banned in this country, there are arguments on both sides of this law.

  1. Fox hunting is a sport, it is cruel, foxes should be allowed to live unharmed etc.
  2. It keeps the number of foxes under control, foxes kill many farm animals, it is an English tradition etc

Think about these arguments, include some of your own and write an answer to the question:
Q: Should fox hunting be allowed in this country?

Remember to include connectives and a range of sentence types.

Who do you admire?

We have just finished a literacy unit on biographies where we looked at different famous people.

We all know people that we admire and aspire to be like.

It might be a famous sportsperson, it might be someone off television, it might be someone in school or a member of your family.

Who do you admire and why. Remember to give really clear reasons for your choice.

Keeping healthy

I want you to list the top ten things that you need to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It might be that you already do some of them or it might be that you need to start doing a lot of them!

Have a good think about what the top ten would be on your list.

Remember to make suggestions about what other people in the class could do that would help them.

Remember to write in full sentences, check your punctuation before pressing POST and also check your spelling.


Where did all the dinosaurs go?

About 70 million years ago dinosaurs were the largest land animals. There were many different species of dinosaur. Some small mammal species existed alongside the dinosaurs. However, about 65 million years ago the last species of dinosaurs died out, dinosaurs became extinct.

Can you discuss why you think the dinosaurs became extinct?

Odd or what?

How strange is this?

This frog, which measures 2.5cm high and lives in Patagonia in South America, swallows its frogspawn and hatches the tadpoles in a sac in its throat. When the tadpoles are big enough to survive it literally ‘spits them out’

What a strange habit.

Your task it to find another rainforest creature which has a strange habit, I can’t wait to read about them.