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  1. In 793AD the Vikings invaded the Anglo-Saxons , they had massive meals in the chief’s hall , They used natural materials to make their own clothes.

  2. The Anglo Saxons houses are made out of muck, wood and straw. They use stones for chopping things in half and they were different clothes and use different materials.

  3. I learned that the houses are made from wattle and daub. I learned that the made beer from barley and grapes. I also learned that they had many weapons like daggers, knifes and blades.

  4. I learned that Vikings are fighters not villagers.
    I learnt that Vikings win most of the battles than Anglo Saxons.
    I learnt that Vikings are mostly the best fighter than any other fighters.

  5. For a long time, England wasn’t really one country – Anglo-Saxons kings ruled lots of little kingdoms across the land. (The kingdoms was 7)
    Egbert was the first Anglo-Saxon king to rule England.
    The Anglo-Saxons eat vegetables, including onions, peas, parsnips and cabbage. (Sometimes they eat meat)
    The two most famous Anglo-Saxon kings are Alfred The Great and Canute The Great.
    The last Anglo-Saxon king was Harold II in 1066.
    Everyday life in Anglo-Saxon England was hard and rough even for the rich.
    An Anglo-Saxon got a iron armor and some clothes.

  6. There is weapons in the Anglo Saxons days. In the Anglo Saxons days they eat meat and some times have feasts in the mead-hall. In Anglo Saxons days they battled the Vikings.

  7. I have learnt that you can make long boats in origami and you can wear it!!! I learnt this from Maggie’s project she did all sorts of origami boats she even taught us how to do origami!!!

  8. 1. From 793 AD, the Vikings invaded Anglo-Saxon Britain several times, plundering and raiding towns and villages along the Britain coastline.

    2. Vikings and Anglo-Saxons were Pagans.

    3. The Anglo-Saxons tried to hold them back but groups of Vikings eventually settled in different parts of the country especially York (or Jorvik as they named it)

  9. I know that Anglo-Saxons live in a village.
    I know that Anglo-Saxon tribes come from Europe.
    I know that Anglo-Saxons lived thousands of years ago in Britain.
    I know Anglo-Saxons had a chief hall.
    I know Anglo-Saxons were warrior Farmers.

  10. Maggie helped us to make origami we also learnt how to make a sunset for mine and Daisy’s project. It was very fun making our project!

  11. Anglo Saxons are a troupe of people who use to be enemies but then they said let’s become a big troupe. They live in stick/wood houses. They find meat and cook it to eat.

  12. I learnt that shields are made out of different types of wood. Anglo Saxons wore clothes with belts. The Anglo Saxons battled the Vikings in the 8th century.

  13. I know the houses are made from wattle and doub.
    I know they lived in Britain.
    I know they fought the Vikings.
    I know some of them worked in a workshop.
    I know they lived in a village near a river.
    I know they ate vegetables.

  14. 1.I learnt that vikings are fighters not villages.
    2.I learnt that vikings are the best fighters in the world.
    3.I learnt that vikings are the best.

  15. There in tribes of three.
    There is a place called smith were Anglo-Saxon warriors get their weapons from.
    They have feast and eat lots of food to celebrate


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