This half term we are focusing on our sentence structure using  DADWAVERS.

We have looked at DADWAV. Write a short story using each of the sentence starters. (so a six line story!)

This is an example,

One dark, eerie night a strange creature was crawling through the abandoned field just outside of my house. Its long tail flickered gently in the strong wind. “What is that unusual thing?” I questioned as I looked suspiciously through my bedroom window. Between the tree and the bush, the unidentifiable creature slithered then seemed to freeze. Slowly, it turned back towards the house- it seemed to be looking right up at MY window. Rushing, I pulled my curtains closed and ran back to hide in my bed…


4 thoughts on “DADWAVERS”

  1. August was a nice,lovely boy who went to a school called Beecher prep. August ran out of the room to get away from Jack will. “Do not touch him!” said Tristan meanly.Between the class room and the out side, August was dancing.Meanly, Jack will was talking about August. Crying,August was punching his pillow.

  2. Once upon a time, legend says that a mysterious ghost haunted a mystic mansion it was a terrible place to be if you are scared of ghosts. Once three boys went to that place. The boys were scared:but they went inside… But as quick as a flash, ‘’ARGHHHHH!!!” One of the boys was gone… After that,the two boys vanished and from this day they never returned. Scaredly, no one ever returned there again. Crying, the children’s parents fell to the floor.


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