The Goldfish Boy investigation.

This half term our class read is the Goldfish Boy by Lisa Thompson. We are linking this to our topic of CSI investigation. Matthew is watching his neighbours and noting down their movements.  There are key facts that he must include; time, name, what they are wearing and what they are doing. 

Write a short story about a crime being committed at Kearsley West remember to use your DADWAVER sentence types. 

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  1. A Murder Mystery at Kearsley West !

    In the old, eerrie school at 9:24 pm there was a body of a dedacated student found in the corridor. The young girl called Athena Mariã, who had a evil mother called Alia Mariã and her big sister who also attends the school, was a very lovely youthful girl. On the day she was murdered her sister was pondering and looking round her school. On cctv we caught this her sister telling her that she would soon put her into a deep sleep. In the school basement her mothers DNA was found, on the wooden, ready to collapse table. Slowly her mother dragged her self out of the room. Crying a sea of tears, her mother as slow as a snail walked home, or so we thought! Just a few seconds later she re-entered the room and her eldest daughter was there. Was it really her mother or was it her big sister…?!!! Her blood as red as a lushuers straberry was all over her sisters bloody hands!!!

    The End

  2. At 3:30 pm Amber came to Gracie’s house and had a sleepover they tidied up her room and it was all tidy . Later that day they had a disco party. On the karaoke machine they had beautiful lights that lit the room up and a disco ball on the ceiling . Finally they went to sleep. Then things got mysterious… At 12:00pm they saw Lacey and Esme running round the streets and finally their feet stooped at the old door at Gracie’s house. Slowly, they crept into Gracie’s room. They stole… Gracie’s disco ball , wrecked her karaoke machine, stole her dads Rolex, her mums jewellery and finally but not least all Gracie’s jojo bows that cost £50 .

  3. On one misty day we were playing on the iPads in year 3 .Suddenly one of the best iPads went missing … Me and Cole heard a banging noise from upstairs so we quietly went upstairs to check it out.

    10:50 we heard the iPad thief talking on the phone she or he said “I’ve got it meet me outside
    We decided to hide under Mrs Todd’s desk.Quickly the thief graddeb the iPad and ran down the stairs . Running to the door before the thief got away .
    before school ended we realised that it was Becky.

    Will we ever get it back?

  4. On the 29th of January at 9:46am Mrs Burke’s Funko Pop (Jyn Erso) went missing. Mrs Cooper rushed to me and told me that I had to figure out who stole it. “You have to find out who stole it! You’re the only person who can!” Mrs Cooper exclaimed. So now I’m hiding in the air vent. Quietly, I take notes of all the movement. Cautiously, I try not to move a muscle. A few minutes later, Mrs Todd enters the room. Is she the thief? I watched like I had the eyes of a hawk.

    9:58am: Mrs Todd finally leaves. She is not the suspect.
    10:17am: Ms Fitton enters. She only came to get some paperwork, then she left.
    10:23am: Ms Harrison comes in to the room. She grabs a pile of books and leaves.
    10:32am: Mr Cooke enters and grabs the other Funko Pop!

    It’s him. I don’t know how I didn’t think of him, because he loves Funko Pops.

  5. The missing lable machine Monday 1st January
    Today mr Cooke is stressed stressed because he cant find his beloved lable machine ‘oh no’,anyway let’s get down to business. so 9:37am the lable machine were on his cluttered super-hero themed desk! ‘Im surprised mr Cooke can even find anything on there’.mr Cooke went over to year 5 the thiefs:who steal ideas and decorations and even thread, to see if they’ve took it. Nope not in there he even went all around the school his amazing, beloved lable machine .

    10:5 in the evening
    Hes still looking and it’s night time ugh silly mr Cooke. Then he went back upstairs to year4 seeing if he’s missed it and he was right guess what, it were on his cluttered super-hero themed desk all this time. Now his beloved labe machine is found yay
    The end

  6. Chloe and her best friend Athena was walking to the red shiny bright school. It was Chloe and Athenas first day at a new school.moments later,it was home time she told her mum that she enjoyed school and everybody was day, Athena knocked on for Chloe but her mum said she asn’t seen her all day the last time she saw her was yeasterday at 9:00 pm. Athena found her picture on the floor from her purse Athena carefully picked up the picture.Athena went to the police station and said “can you help my friend has gone missing “the police said ” is this the little girl Chloe the mum already called”…But I found a picture of her on her front step. Athena went Back to school and had a look everywhere nobody had seen her. Then I went to the school library and I heard a little scream at first I thought it was me but when I checked it out I saw Chloe tied up with scellotape Round her mouth.slowly but carefully i went over to untie her.
    Running me and Chloe ran into class.moments later she ran home and never left the house without her mum.Did she ever leave the house?

  7. 10:12pm in the morning. Connor and Kieran was walking into his dads 9th lambo to go to the shop so they can buy the most expensive ice cream .
    20:20pm in the evening. The have still not came back from there home
    Some minutes later I went to the shop and Conner and Kieran were Not there. THEY WERE KIDNAPPED!i went to the crime scene and saw the police .I saw the police and followed him. I brung Daniel,Sophie,Harry,and Alphieto help. I saw Connor and Kieran and we freed them. Then we ran to there dad and everyone lived happily ever after.

    The end

    • * some time detail included
      / Their for belonging (their bag or their family) Rewrite your their sentence using the correct homophone.

  8. It was dark, thunder and lightning doomed the sky throughout the lands. Red and blue lights swivelled around the school as police roamed the grounds, Mrs Todd was MURDERED in the staff room… The school had been mostly evacuated but I stayed, the police knew me for my talent in forensic investigation and finding evidence. “It looks like she was shot through the stomach, The hole is the size of a 12′ inch bullet.” considered the head investigator, chewing his pencil while looking round the body. Hours later, they had narrowed down to two suspects, Mr Farrington and Mrs Dawson, but suddenly, they found a gun in Mrs Dawson’s coat! Hours later, Mrs Dawson was arrested and everything was well again, Mrs Todds funeral was large, but will Mrs Dawson ever be forgiven and released?

  9. One sunny Monday at 14:47 Year 5 there was a crime …an iPad went missing.I went to spy.Spy because I new it was my duty to find it. I ran to go and find a hiding spot we’re a could find who the iPad theif is. “I think I know who it is”I said to myself. I hid behind the collosal,black cover in the corner of year5. Slowly,I got under the cover as Miss Harrison entered yr5 she she came in humming walking past the ipads. Next MrCooke walked through the room this time he was walking past looking at the iPad but still not steeling.

  10. At our warm,cozy,comfortable school we were playing detectives .Then we spotted someone across the street out of the window and they had a kid Esme said “have you seen Sophie today?”Lacey said “no that must be her we will solve this “Esme shouted “but look there coming in to school!!!”.Esme and Lacey hid under Mrs Todd table .quitley they came in the class room and the girl made Sophie to tell where the files where we found out the girl was Gracie. Moments later we grabbed Sophie got the teachers and told them Gracie tried to Nick her.will she ever come back again?

    • * I like your estimation of time sentence- Moments later …………
      / You have missed a number of full stops and capital letters. Rewrite one of your sentences that should start with a capital letter.

  11. On Thursday the 4 of January 2018 a crime was committed in the in the school hall. The school was very dirty and scruffy but I can still find the theft that stole the iPad
    9:43am a child needed the toilet why a flat lump on his belly.
    9:45am he came back and put something in this bag.
    ‘ ha ha ha ha ‘whispered the boy.He went up to his class.
    Quickly, he ran up to class loudly.
    9:50 a teacher crept with her car keys.
    Running, I kid ran from a teacher.
    Before break, a teacher from year five was hurrying to Mrs Fitton office.
    Why has he done this?
    He is as nasty as Hrrid Henry!

  12. i might go to the doctors but i might just stay at home in my room were i know i wont get germs!

    Kasey who has dark brown hair with a wicked smirk pushed her little brother into the pond of dirty water and wickedly watched teddy nearly drown 😀

    • I like your second sentence using an expanded noun phrase.
      / Your first sentence should include brackets- rewrite with them included.


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