What’s in the news?

Imagine that you are a reporter and you are writing about an event. What would your Headline and Lead (introduction) be? Remember to write the answer to Who What Where When How. You can cover any event such as current news or something in your own life. You could be a war correspondent and write about an air-raid that took place last night. Don’t forget your by line.

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    By Jake Tinsley
    Mothers day is just like a birthday but for every mum. It is on the last sunday of March. Guess what happened this Mothers day in 2017? There was an invasion by..

    How Did It Happen?
    This is how it happened! Firstly, the children weren’t doing anything for their mums. Then all the children planned how to do a little surprise for their mums. They all ran home and firstly, wrecked up their room then their mum and dads room then, THE HOUSE!!!!!

    What Happened Next?
    All the children got grounded and banned from any toys or electronics and if they were lucky then they would only be allowed to go outside (they also weren’t allowed on their electronics).
    Jake Tinsley

  2. 25th March 2017
    Bus driver ‘stuns passengers after he is spotted reading the newspaper while at the wheel of single decker vehicle
    reported by L . Flitcroft

    A bus driver stunned his passengers after reading a paper at the wheel of his vehicle while on a busy road. It was claimed the driver only stopped reading when stopping to pick more passengers up before ‘resuming reading’ once the vehicle moved off again.

  3. London gets bombed: the city London has been bombed with ease the German plains must be stopped I am pc jack and I am here today to tell you about the bombs.Now London was boned because of Adolf hitler attacking Poland and they refused to stop so Churchill declared war…

  4. AIR RAID IN LONDON! .Tyler Nuttall,war correspondent. . .Last night,the Luftwaffe launched an attack on London. They dropped the first bombs at 8 PM last night. Thousands of people ran to their Anderson shelter’s or the local air raid shelter. However, a family of 6 all died after a bomb dropped and pulverized 4 and 2 died of an unknown infection .


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