The Romans

I would like you to answer the question:

“Why were the Romans so powerful and what did we learn from them?”


Write a blog post which addresses the following:

Why were they so powerful?  Can you name any famous Roman Emperors?

How do you think a Roman soldier felt when invading Britain?

How would a British person feel witnessing the invasion? Why?

What did the Romans bring to Britain, which are still in place today?

Parent Workshop

A massive thank you to all the parents who attended the parent workshop.  We were overwhelmed by the turnout and we really appreciate it!  The children showed off their mapping skills, completing a carousel of three activities.  The first was to use iPads to find directions between two places in the UK.  Next, they used a compass, a map and directions to answer some questions, and even created their own!  Finally, we had a blank map of the school and the children created their own symbols, placed them on the map and then provided a key.

Year 4 children – write your own comments about what you have learnt during our “Mapping” topic.