The Romans

I would like you to answer the question:

“Why were the Romans so powerful and what did we learn from them?”


Write a blog post which addresses the following:

Why were they so powerful?  Can you name any famous Roman Emperors?

How do you think a Roman soldier felt when invading Britain?

How would a British person feel witnessing the invasion? Why?

What did the Romans bring to Britain, which are still in place today?

20 thoughts on “The Romans”

  1. Nero,Claudius,Constantine,Brutus,Augustus are roman emperor’s.And they where powerfull from 25 years of training with shields and swords and that they had the most powerfull metal in them times and,there armor where the powerfullist armor .
    I learnt a lot from you and I’m happy

  2. They are so power full because the countries they concour the people that come from the country they concour they join the Romans. A famous Roman Emperor is Julius Caeser because he was a Roman leader.

  3. I think they felt Powerful when they invaded Britian.
    And that the Roman soldiers where sorry for Britain but they gave them the best stuff

  4. Famous Romans are called Augustus, Brutus, Julius ceaser, Hadrian, Constantine, Nero, Romulus and Remus. I think the Romans invaded countries and gathered people at the same time. I think the Romans will feel scared because they might die. I think a Britain would feel terrified because the Romans are very strong. The Romans brought heating, sewage, stone houses, reading and writing, temples, streets, roads, rabbits, Christianity and measureing.

  5. I think there powerful because they have to train around about 5 hours a day .I think they are powerful because Julius Caesar has trained them to. Julius Caesar was one of the best he was powerful than all he fighted too but death but he was a bit confused about land he always conquered land but didn’t want to train the soldiers he just wanted to fight for land so the soldiers wasn’t ready. Augustus, Brutus,Caesar Hadrian, Constantine and Nero we’re all Roman Emperer’s.They wore snake bracelets. When the Roman soldiers invaded Britain I think they felt good to attack and get more land.The Romans brought Britons central heating and brick houses there is a Bulla it’s made of gold there were a type of leather poutch to made to hold a gold lucky charm.Romans brought food like wine wine Gold coins .Tasty burgers the best thing they brought Christianity to us and Constantine made a beautiful church and brought forks and knives for a bonus spoons. They also brought the animal RABBITS.

  6. They was powerful because they conquered land and made them join the Roman amry. The famous Roman Emperor’s are Augustus,Brutus,Ceasar,Hadrain,Constantine and the meanest one Nero. They mite of felt they got some power in side of them when they was invading. They would feel worried to fight such a big army because they have more people and better swords,Spears or maybe horses. They brought hamburgers,grapes,meat,rabbits,better houses,sewage pipes,reading and writing,Christmas because they brought Christianity,heating,roads, measuring and temples. The Roman empire had swords and red armour.they conquered most of the land.

  7. Did you know they brung us apples cherries chicken pears plates spoons burgers shops calendars central heating coins toilets and there’s more.

  8. The Romans were so powerful because they had lots of battles and won at least 90% of them and recrewted lots of young and fit people. I think a Roman soldier would feel ok but it depends on the soldier because some of them might not want to invade Britain and some of them might want to. I think they would feel under pressure and/or scared. They probably could feel angry,determined to beat the Romans or just they could just feel casual. The things that Romans brought to Britain are apples,carrots,grapes,wine,stone houses,hamburgers,roads,rabbits,currency,temples,centralheating,Christianity,measurement and sewage systems. We also got gifted roads/streets and reading and writing so without them we wouldn’t be able to read or write!

  9. The Romans were powerful because every time they went to different countries and demanded to join them .
    The Romans from Brian felt bad for themselves.
    I would feel sad for the people who got demanded to fight.
    They give us pancakes,bread,wine and sentral heating
    All so they brought rabbit
    If I was there I would be crazy scared
    They are strong and powerful

  10. Augustus is a famous Roman,Brutus is as well and Caesar is.I think that they felt scared anshush and wired.they probably would feel terefid because they don’t want to die.The Romans brought food for Briton and they brought drinks.They brang bergers and grape wine.

  11. At the start of January all of yr4 started learning about the Romans. We learned about Julius Cesar, was 55 when he died. Before that he got cidnaped by pirates in the middle of the meditation sea. He got stabbed 24 times: Brutus didn’t like him. The Romans invaded many times: they have been training for 25 years. We also learnt that the Romans used cobwebs to heal wounds and cuts. I can name some Roman emprors Augustus, Brutus,Caesar, Hadrian,Constantine and Nero. Many years later Boudicca came. Unfortunately Boudicca lost.

  12. They wore so powerful because they kept conquering lands to get more powerful. Augustus was one of the famous Romans. I think that one of the Roman soldier felt scared to kill people and seeing blood everywhere. They felt sorry for killing so many people because they could be friends. The things that are still not gone is coins,streets,sewage pipes,houses and roads,rabbits,stone and fire, measurements, Christianity, Jupiter,Mars,Venus,Mercury are still not gone.
    In 63BC, a group of aristocrats planned to overthrown the Senate in a plot called the Catiline Conspiracy.

  13. Then Romans were powerful because they trained 25 years. There were famous Roman people called Hadrian,Nero,Augustus,Caesar,Constantine ,Romulus and Remus I think the britains would be mad because there taking over there land.
    The Romans brought rabbits,food,sewage pipes,houses(stone),temples(Mars,Venus,Jupiter and Mercury), Christianity,measure wheel,coins,books and streets (roads).
    Work and play
    Romans began to work very early in the morning, and completed
    Their tasks by mid-afternoon.

  14. continued . They will feel anxious and scared.
    They will feel that they don’t want to go out there and don’t want to die.If the Romans came with armor and weapons to this billding
    we would feel shocked and want to hide.
    They bring stntrell heating ,food ,hours made of stone and rulers also helped us to read and write

  15. They were powerful because when they were conquering the world they were getting more people. There were 6 Roman emperors Augustus, Brutus, Caesar, Hadrian, Constantine and Nero.
    I think a Roman would feel worried because the Roman might not want to fight.
    A British person would feel angry because the Romans are trying to conquer Britain
    The things that the Romans brought into Britian are ruler’s sewage pipes and stone Houses. Nero was Claudiuses son and Claudius died by a poisonous mushroom.


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