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A massive thank you to all the parents who attended the parent workshop.  We were overwhelmed by the turnout and we really appreciate it!  The children showed off their mapping skills, completing a carousel of three activities.  The first was to use iPads to find directions between two places in the UK.  Next, they used a compass, a map and directions to answer some questions, and even created their own!  Finally, we had a blank map of the school and the children created their own symbols, placed them on the map and then provided a key.

Year 4 children – write your own comments about what you have learnt during our “Mapping” topic.

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  1. I think the parents workshop was good because we got to do a bunch of activetise
    We got to go on iPads and do mapping and we searched a place in England to a different place it was hard and easy my faviourite was the iPad because I got to search a place and see where it was everybody tried there hardest it where very fun so well done to everyone

  2. At the parent workshop I did some mapping of the school, we went on google maps and we searched places in England that we wanted to go to. I found the work a bit hard except the google maps. My favourite activity was the map of the school. This half term we have learnt different things like a way to remember north, east,south,west is never eat shredded wheat. I know that gps stands for Global Positioning System. We had a look at a satellite and it was massive. I wonder how someone made a satellite.

  3. Ethan’s: work shop:today it was work shop I was so excited to be with my mum and even working today we all went in the hall and sat in silence suddenly parents came from the big fancy door and cam in the hall/dinner hall:then my mum came and sat on the fluffy blue chair and she waved then I turned to the board and mr Eckersley and he talked about maps like gps google maps a lot. Off stuff envy ways mr Eckersley said:now go to the table were your mum or dad is:then I went to my mom I hugged her then mr Eckersley said:go to the atable were you was on the board:my fravoute was iPads it was so fun 19mins later then we all stopped cause mr Eckersley said:STOP now go line up:so we went to line up it was so much fun :my fravrote was?ipads cause google maps is awesome it was difficult but I did trie it was so much fun can I do it again ?

  4. My mum and nan came to the work shop I got all of my work correct.It was very fun.My favourite activity was the compass activity.I loved this half-term.Very well done Mr.Eckersly you made us proud.

  5. I loved the parent work shop!It was fun because we had to do fun stuff like drawing maps around school and writing at the bottom off the page the key or what symbol they mean.The next activity was doing the town were you would start at the green circle that said start then at the bottom it asks you questions like go north four times then go south.The last and the best activity was searching a place and write the other place for the start and finish.All we are saying is thank you for coming to the first y4 parent work shop,we all thought after that amazing morning it made are day even better !My favourite part of this topic was playing outside in groups and directing people to the end cone to make the end I said to Roxie-Lou and Jaiden “south 5 or north 3 or west 7 or east 10” we could direct but if it was wrong they still had to do it !

  6. In the parent work shop we did all about maps and it was very fun.We made a map of the school and used keys to help us.I liked it a lot and my favourite activity was the one were you had to see how many squares you have to go.The one I found difficult is the one where you had to go on the ipads.

    This half term
    We have been doing about maps.It was really fun I liked it a lot.
    The stuff we have been doing has been good ever since it started.
    This half term has been so amazing and wonderful.

  7. At the parent workshop was great we learnt all about maps and directions we have learnt a lot of stuff we did keys on a map so it’s basically just telling you were everything like rooms like we have a headteacher room so that symbol is HT then we had done,then we did compass directions so like the supermarket to the taxi rank so the directions are 4 North west so basically tells were to go if your lost and Mr Eckersley gave us a little paper compass on the sheet to know the full directions.Finally we went on google maps to search places from Kearsley West to something in the U.K. from Alex

  8. I loved parents work shop and it was the best day ever.we have learnt amazing things about maps.One of the things we did was that we used google maps and I did from costa coffee to smiths would take 10 minutes.Another thing we learnt is a map of the inside kearsleywest primary school.The last thing we did was compass directions .the parents work shop was a big success and it was thery fun. Year 4 is the best and nothing can beet us

  9. Dear Y4 parents, Tuesday 26 November 2019
    On the 26 of November it was the y4 parent workshop.a lot of our parents came so I want to say thankyou but the parents that couldn’t come we looked after your child so don’t be upset and don’t mum came .there were 3 different activities the first activity was on the iPads.The second activity was using a compass to find directions, and the last activity was drawing a map of the school.My favourite activity was the compass activity because I learned directions and I did it all my self and my mum helped only a little bit . I wish I could do it again .I had so much fun and I hoped everyone else enjoyed it.

  10. I like how the Perent and teachers helped the children. I did Google maps first next I did key mapping,then l did compass Directions. It was hard and easy. We have bin dewing about maps.My favourite was all of it. I work with Drew and Anna. It was fantastic! I loved all of it. Thank you parents and Mr. Eckersley also Mrs jolly and Mrs Rodgers.

  11. Drew’s blog: It was amazing because we went on Google map’s it was the best. This term, we took cones outside and directed each other between two of them. We used the directions north, east, south and west. I worked with Summer and we had a great time. We have also learnt about GPS which is Global Positioning System.

  12. On Tuesday we a parent workshops it was the best one.
    We did an activity on a sheet of paper and we wrote the places in school.
    Then we went on to the next table and we went on the iPads to search different places from one place to another.
    Are last activity was using a compass on a sheet what we did was there was places on the sheet if you have like pool to the church you would give directions to the place.
    I liked that could go on the iPads because we could search places and see how long it would take to get there.
    My favourite activity is the iPads because I got to search places like Kearsley west to eureka

    It was easy because we got to go on iPads use a compass and Colour places in Kearsley west and we had to write the keys of the place

  13. Well done everybody the workshop was an amazing success and we all loved it.We all learned something good.I even told my mum a fact that my mum did not even know.My favourite activity was the compass directions and the easy one was Google maps.

  14. On the 26th of November I did my parent workshop and my mum came. What I did in the parent workshop was different activities. Like the first activity I did google maps finding one place to another in the UK and the second activity was
    called Compass Directions. What you do is you put one place into your book and the sheet says something like go five steps west and then six steps east.The last activity was doing a map of my school and then you use keys.

  15. I loved the google map and the map of the school and the compass my mum didn’t come but I had a great day at school today. I was going just fine but I
    Got stuck in the activity.Mrs Rogers helped me and made me laugh
    I love the parent work shop

  16. My comments about the parents workshop.On Tuesday the 26th of November 2019 we were running a lesson on maps and we had some activities to do.The activities were making keys to find places in our school,we also used a compass to help us find directions to different locations/places and using an iPad to go on google maps and find out how many minutes and hours it will take to get somewhere.

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