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  1. I think the school linking project has been fantastic. The children produced some amazing letters when writing back and forth to one another. It was amazing to get to go on a trip to the museum with another school and I had a wonderful time learning about Egypt. I also thought it was very exciting when we got to visit St Matthew’s and I thoroughly enjoyed all the activities that we did there. I hope that we all manage to keep in touch and look forward to further linking opportunities between our two schools.

  2. My class and I went to Kearsley west primary school and did lots of fun activity. The school is very different than St Mathews. They have a very big playground. My favourite part was going on the playground. I had fun going to Kearsley west for the first time.

  3. I Iove the link school. I feel like I have so many new friends it’s amazing. I wish the day can live for ever and ever.

  4. I love linking with Kearsly West primary school. They are an AMAZING school and all of them are such nice people. The teachers are LOVELY as well. They help you with everything and they are so kind. My favourite thing about linking with Kearsly West was definitely coming to there school and seeing all there AMAZING work on the wall and in the class rooms.

  5. I liked when we went outside and played all together. We played bulldog, we ordered ourself oldest to youngest and we ordered one another to the biggest size to the smallest size shoes.
    I also liked it when we had lunch and then we played after.

  6. Our favourite part of school linking was the museum because we made lots of friends.We also enjoyed looking at the animal section of the museum because we got to touch a cockroach.

  7. I am just thinking the words I have to say for my self and I am just so excited to come here Mr Cooke and thanks for letin St Mathews coming here.

  8. I have had a fantastic day with my new friends we had our dinner on the grass and played lots of games I have 3 new friends called Evie, Olivia and Iris they love our school so much and they want to visit again.

  9. I have met a lot of new children to day it has been really nice today and I also enjoyed going to there school hope they enjoyed there visit to our school

  10. I liked coming to kearsley west because I met some new friends . I enjoyed playing outside there playground is a lot different to ours because they have a forest that they can climb I like it because they make dens there and play nicely in there and really enjoy it .

  11. It was great! I enjoyed you coming to our school because there was some good activitys and making dream houses was awesome! This is fun too! The playground is interesting and fun and cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I like playing on sumdog, eating my food outside, making friend ship bracket. I liked playing outside on the field and eating my food on the field and I played bulldog and playing football I liked at the start meeting kearsley west primary school.

  13. My class had a lot of fun seeing St Mathews school at our school. We had a lot of fun teaching them stuff they probably haven’t done before. It was a lot of fun helping them. People like St Mathews a re really kind. I really really liked seeing them for the third time.

  14. Us at St Mathews have really enjoyed our time linking and we have enjoyed the museum , but my favorite part is visiting kersly west primary School .

  15. St Mathews are a very fun school who enjoyed making houses in art. Today we enjoyed meeting st Mathews and playing on the playground. It was very fun getting to know St Mathews children and making new freinds. We made freindship bracelets to give to are St Mathews partner and taught them how to play sum dog. We enjoyed eating are dinner on the field with are new friends.

  16. It is so good not one bad thing good no fun . The fun is great but it would if we cud play Roblox because Roblox is so fun and kwps it diger than send St Matthew`s

  17. I have made friendship bracelets l have played on the playground I have also identifyed a potatoes I have played with Charlie.

  18. My favourite bit about the link with St Matthews was when we played outside together. We ordered ourselves to oldest to youngest and tried to get a hoop to the floor with two finger tips.

  19. My friends names are Grace and more. I just love this day it’s amazing, wonderful, heartwarming and great. Everyone just got a new friends!

  20. St Mathews school thanks for coming to Kearsley West primary School your school was kinda Small but kinda big!!!!!!!!!! OMG I was happy when you came to day thanks for coming to see us!

  21. We’ve linked up with St Matthew’s and we did some amazing activity and my best one was when we made bracelet and I made one for my partner from St Matthew’s and he was called but Bob and he made me a bracelet too.

  22. To Kearsley West it’s star from st Matthews and thank you for the message and for all the people that I met and made friends with well I only met one but I am thankful for that the person me and Evie Stott met was Lacey and she. Is a Great friend so thank you for that and I hope we meat again see you soon

  23. I had a good time coming but the bus driver got stuck because outside of the school was packed. I enjoyed lunch and I think the school is great!

  24. I am loving this linking activity. My two partners are star and Evie. We all have things in common. 1. We are girls 2. We like seafood 3. We like spring rolls and most importantly we LOVE making new friends. My favourite time was when we went to st Mathews and made our houses. I wasn’t with star and Evie at the time but we all got along. We all wish to see each over again and always. They are the best linking friends I ever had!!!!! I wish to meet them again in the future.

  25. Kearsly west is different to st Matthews because we don’t have monkey bars and climbing frames. At St. Matthews we don’t have the nursery split from the bigger playground. The school is bigger because we don’t have an upstairs. We don’t have a forest in St.Matthews. The year 4 classroom in Kearsley West is different to our classroom because it is bigger and the cloakroom is smaller. At St. Matthews we have a tray for each pupil in the class.

  26. I really enjoyed going to the museum and learned about Egypt and animals. I also liked when my friend Libby got mummified. It was interesting for me to know what the Egyptians did. I liked the animals and the cockroaches. Their names were Jimmy and Bob. I liked St Matthew’s school, it was amazing. I loved the hall and meeting new friends.

  27. I had a brilliant day playing with my new friend (Kaitlyn) at lunch. I hope that st Matthews meet up with Kearsley west again. πŸ™‚

    from Ava (at St Matthews)

  28. I had a brilliant day playing with my new friend (Kaitlyn) at lunch. I hope that st Matthews meet up with Kearsley west again. πŸ™‚

    from Ava (at St Matthews)

  29. I had a brilliant day playing with my new friend (Kaitlyn) at lunch. I hope that st Matthews meet up with Kearsley west again. πŸ™‚

    from Ava (at St Matthews)

  30. Hi everyone! I am hoping to meet up again with you sometime. I really enjoyed the linked school project. I think your class is very nice and welcoming. You also have a nice playground.

    I hope we do meet up again,
    Ella xXXxXxX

  31. Hi Kearsley West,I enjoyed meeting you so much. I want to say thanks to Macey,Kaitlyn and Summer for being such great friends and also for being kind. I LOVED visiting your school it was epic. I also enjoyed chalking the playground. I nearly cried on the way back to our school. I was already missing my friends that much. Surprisingly, it had not even been 10 minutes!
    I hope to see you in the future,

  32. Thank you so much St. Mathews for coming I had so much fun with Evie Stott and star. we had loads of fun with the activities and thanks to Mr Cooke we had the opportunity to eat outside. I love St Mathews playground and I think that all classes from St Mathews and Kearsley west should link and get to know each other. BUTTTTTTTTTTTT this can only happen if the lovely head teachers agree to this comment thank you so very much for coming St Mathews
    Lacey Jackson

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