24 thoughts on “Geography Trip”

  1. I learnt that the bend in a river is called the loop but it is known as the meander and the calm straight area is the kingfisher trail. I caught some river animals and identified them.

  2. I learnt a lot from the trip but I think the best thing I learnt is the meaning of some different words!
    Meander, ox-bow, erosion, deposition, loop and King fisher.

  3. I learnt that if the rock or pebbles are on the side of the river that it’s called a meander and the place is called seven acres nature reserve and we learnt about it .

  4. At river studies we learnt about the water cycle, erosion and deposition. We also found some creatures in the river like Water Mites.

  5. I learnt about Bradshaw brook and that there’s different types of the river. Ones called the loop, kingfisher and trail.

  6. It was fun because we went to see a river and the man put us in the water, the dirty water, and when we got there it smelt gross! We learnt important facts about river creatures and habitats.

  7. I learnt that animals are nice but also gross. We saw little flys that could bite you and if they did it would hurt. I learnt about energy and how it helps nature.

  8. I learnt that in rivers there are more animals than you think, like fresh water shrimp. We got loads of them and there were loads of skins.

  9. Seven acres nature reserve was amazing in my opinion because in the afternoon we did river dipping and we learnt about erosion and deposition.

  10. When I went to seven acres and looked at the river, Bradshaw Brook, I learnt about the different features of the river. There is the loop, a meander, Ox-bow lake, erosion, deposition and different animal habitats.

  11. I have learnt a lot about Bradshaw Brook and the speed of the river. It was very interesting because I never got to see how fast rivers can go. And, we learnt what erosion means and deposition means. It’s really hard to know words definitions if you don’t get a good definition so you know the definition. Thanks a lot, see you in the comments.

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