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  1. Gather around, the warm camp fire and listen well to a story that hasn’t been told in centuries. On a hot sunny day a eight legged spider came called Anansi. Anansi wanted his own story .He searched far and wide.
    He had to go to the forest of Madagascar. He can’t wait 5 hours “it better be worth it.”He was finally at Madagascar. He had to find the god of the sky Nyame .He is the most powerful thing in the world.
    Anansi said “if I can make this egg disappear you must make me a story.””Fine.”They both agreed on it.”Put this egg in your mouth fully. ”Five four three tow one” ”BANG. “Egg went every where”I’ll kill you Anansi!!!!!!!”.He has a story a funny one.

  2. Anansi God Of All Storys

    On the distent plains of Africa, an amazing god called Anansi wanted to prove he was the best and most important god so he went to Nyame the sky god how he could become more important.
    As he was walking to Nyame he heard someone say” I just baught an amazing story from Nyame!” Anansi went to Nyame and said, “How much would it cost to be god of all stories?” It would cost three python brothers, two dwarfs and a dove”. Anansi set of in the forest to try and find the items.
    In the forest, the first thing that Anansi saw was a dwarf village. He snook in and snatched two dwarfs. He webbed them up and dragged them along the forests floor. He walked to the tallest tree in the forest and saw three python brothers. Pythons are smart so Anansi had to trick them. Anansi said to the python brothers, “If I win on heads or tails you have to be webbed to a stick” Then the python brothers said, “Ok”. “Heads I win, tails you lose”. “Ha, you have to be webbed”. “Nooo, you tricked us!” Now all Anansi needed was the dove. Were could he find a dove? Anansi hopped on a bird and saw a DOVE!!! He caught the dove in his web and jumped of the bird. He had gone back to Nyame and said proudly, “I have brought you back all of the items.” “Thank you Anansi I will now make you all of god stories. Share your stories with the universe.” And that’s how Anansi got his stories. The End.

  3. Gather around the flaming, hot campfire get some cocoa and listen. I will tell you the greatest story you can’t beat it. I know you will like it.
    On a warm African day was a god. You may wonder what god is a spider god. His name is Anansi he has six legs six arms. He may be small, he be scary but he is the smartest spider of African gods.
    He wants to be the god of all story. So he asked Nyame (the sky god) the important god . He the god of African people .
    So I wonder can you make god of story.” Yes” but you have to cash solgaleo. Hey solgaleo heads I win ,tails you lose if I win you have to come with me and if I lose you can eat me. He lost. So Anansi became god of all story.

  4. Gather around, the warm and steamy fire place and I will tell you a story of Anansi the spider god of stories.
    Inside the gorgeous forest of Africa, there was a spider called Anansi. He thought to himself, “I want some stories.” However, Nyame had them all so Anansi travelled and travelled and he approached an enormous mountain, which went up to the clouds of Madagascar it took hours to get to the top of the mountain.
    Anansi finally got to the top Anansi said” can I buy your books please?” “Yes but you will need a python, leopard, dwarf, hornet.” Replied Nyame “ok ,” answered Anansi. Anansi approached the python and suggested “heads I win tails you lose,” the python agreed so they did 6 rounds and every time
    The python lost.
    So Anansi caught the python and he went to get the leopard so he dug a hole and put meat in it the leopard fell right in the hole and webbed him up and caught him. Then he went to get the dwarf he got a piece of chocolate and put gum on it then the dwarf saw the chocolate and he put his hands on the side and then Anansi caught him. Then it suddenly started raining and Anansi remembered to get the hornets he nearly forgot to get the hornets so if It didn’t rain he wouldn’t get the stories so he went to the hornets and Anansi said “come get in this pot it’s all dry in there.” ”ok” replied the hornets then he quickly shut the hole of the pot. then he travelled and travelled and travelled to the enormous mountain and he thought to himself how would he get the top of the mountain and he got to the top of the mountain then Anansi gave the creatures. Then Nyame gave him the stories

  5. In the far of distant land of Sahara beach, a temple Nyame the sky god had all the stories in the world. So Anansi traveld to the far away temple and then Nyame the sky god said, “ You can only have the stories if you give me the cheetah, the hornets and the deadly python.
    Anansi went to the beautitiful island and tricked the python, “Heads I win tales you lose.” The python accepted the challenge Anansi flipped the coin and it landed on heads and then Anansi yelled, “Yeeeees!” “Now you have to come with me.” So the python went with Anansi to the Temple Nyame. “Now I need the hornets!” Anansi went tto the hornets and said, Hop in the Jar, its raining!” The hornets got in the Jar and he quickly sealed the opening. He took them to Nyame. Now the last item hee needed was the cheetah. Suddenly, he got the cheetah from the jungle and took it to Nyame. Nyame the temple now had all the animals and Anansi got all the stories. The End.

  6. On the far scoarching planes of Africa, there once lived an amazingly powerful god as black as rusty old bin. Features all over the human body. His name was Anansi. In the sandy desert, Anansi was bored and decided he wanted same kind of entertainment. He wanted a story.
    He travelled to far away temple of Africa which the sky god because he know that his powerful god grant him to the honour of becoming god of all stories and Africa. However, Nyame demanded that Anansi first go and capture the deadly python of Madagascar…
    Anansi travelled to the beautiful island and lied in wait to spring his cunning trap. He challenged the python to the game heads or tails, whereby the python must surrender if he lost. Anansi explained,” Heads I win, tails you lose. “ confidently Anansi went crazy because he won. The python accepted the challenge and obviously lost because Anansi won and said I tricked you “said Anansi”
    Whale said “HAHAHA game on!!1 Elephant said “HAHAHAHA game on!11 Anansi put his mask on and he hoaxed people. He was climbing up a tree to give the put to Nyame. “ Anansi started crying because he fell down the tree and smashed the cup what had coper in it.
    If he didn’t full if he didn’t cry if he didn’t smash the put then Nyame wouldn’t be mad at him.

  7. In the distant lands of the warm Sahara desert a very small but that the only person that he could get books off was the sky god Nyame. The clever, little creature was getting a bit bored. It was the one and only Anansi the spider. He wanted a book to read for entertainment .He knew the only person he could get books of was the sky god Nyame. Anansi travelled long way away to get to the amazingly, huge temple of Nyame . However, when Anansi thought about it, he wanted more than just a book.
    He wanted to be god of every book in Africa .Unfortunately Nyame, the sky god could not do that because a while ago he got defeated but vowed to stay alive, Nyame could still make him god of stories. But there was a twist, only if you bring me a deadly python and £50.“Ok hmmmm,” answered Anansi .He travelled to the jungle where he said hi to the python. “Hello would you like an ice cream,” said Anansi nicely.” Hello and yes!” said the python meanly. “Ok well you are paying!” shouted Anansi. “Fine how much is it,” said the python. “Fifty pounds,” answered Anansi. “Fine!” replied the python. So Anansi kept the money and put dirt in a sick cone to make it look like chocolate ice- cream. Then he hid behind a tree and got his net ready. “3, 2, 1! “WOW, I got him first try!” Anansi said, shocked. Anansi took the deadly python and the money back to the sky god. Nyame was impressed, and because of that he made Anansi god of all stories. If Anansi wasn’t smart, if he wasn’t a spider, if he weren’t happy to make a risk, then Anansi wouldn’t be a sky god. The End.

  8. L. O. To be able to write our own African tale based on Anansi.
    Gather around, and I’ll tell you a story about a man who as an explorer, he explored dangerous caves. He explored a cave with a warning bottle. He opened the bottle and then, spiders…
    He became to believe the smartest and cunning mankind in the whole universe. He made a plan to defeat the sky god. He dug a hole. He waited and waited, until he came. He challenged him to game of heads and tails. It’s pretty obvious Anansi won.
    If he hadn’t been an explorer if, he hadn’t been wise if’ he hadn’t opened that bottle then we would be bored.

  9. Gather around, and listen to my wonderful story. I’m telling that will make you laugh, entertained, surprised and happy so here’s how the story begins Anansi was bored so he walked then he saw someone so then he plod a hoax on them.
    So he travelled to the far away temple of Nyame the sky god because he knew that this powerful got could grant him the honour of becoming the god of all stores. However Nyame demanded that Anansi first got and capture the deadly python of Madagascar.
    Anansi travelled to the beautiful island and lied in wait to spring his cunning trap.
    Anansi returned the python to Nyame and become of all stores.

  10. Gather around, and I will tell you a story and it is called Anansi and one day there was a big elephant how was tied and Anasi was tied too and Anasi sat down under the shaid were the sun is not shaning on him so the elephant sat down on Anasi and Anasi eye are red because he is a diemon and he said get off me now and then the elephant got off him and then A nasi said you shoued watch were you are going to sit because I coud not breva and then he found a rope and he tied a rope around the elephant tale and he went to the beach and then he called his friend killer wale and then he teid it around his top fine and he said I am the strongest killer wale in the wourld and then he swam off to the shallow end and then ..the he got to the shallow end and the elephant woke up on a different island and he cryed and said I want to go back home now and then he was soking wet and then he went to have a drink the end .

  11. Gather around, One day, day in Africa there was a god called Anansi.
    One day Anansi went to the forest and slept on a mountain, an elephant sat on him to sleep Anansi who realized he was trying to get away from the elephant the elephant rises Anansi says to the elephant “hei! I am the god of Africa and you sat on me! ”
    The elephant says “don’t talk to me like this, I don’t take you in and you look like a little spider then I don’t think you’re a god?!?!”
    Anansi says “I will challenge you to a challenge of who is the strongest !!”
    the elephant started laughing and I say “you want to challenge me?!?! hahaahahaahahha !!” Anansi says to open mouth “yes !!!!!!” and so I call a dolphin and Anansi says “I will confuse you dolphin, I am the strongest of all !!!!!” so I start laughing again and he says “you want to challenge me?!?! hahaahahaahahha !!” Anansi says to open mouth to pretend now “yes !!!!!!” then the dolphin gave them a rope in which both of them accepted, the elephant was sleeping and the dolphin was ready so Anansi with the rope attached it to the dolphin’s tail.
    Anansi see that was not strong had come to them an idea and decided to attach it also to that of the elephant, when Anansi says it is ready the dolphin took away the elephant.
    The elephant saw that it was strong made a challenge to try to take the thread, both of them ended up getting tired, and Anansi said to both of them “who is the strongest?” his due says “you are Anansi” Anansi happy enjoyed the forest alone without anyone being upset.

  12. Gather around, and lines when I’ll tell you a myth that hasn’t been told for many years.
    There was a spider called Anansi he want his own story but he need to do a quest to get his own book
    Anansi went to the sky god two day later
    “I have made half way up” said Anansi
    Then Anansi made it up the top and he asked the sky god “can I have my own story” said Anansi
    “No!” said the sky god “why “said Anansi
    “I can Make you a deal” said the sky god “what is the deal “said Anansi “you got my 200,00 of the same things” said the sky god “ ok” said Anansi
    Anansi went to a jungle were he cannot until he finally saw 100, 00 cats “yes” said Anansi. He then saw 40 cats “yes” said Anansi. “I am half way there” said Anansi. Anansi was in a home to steal a cat. Anansi went to the sky god to give him the cats. “Good” said the sky god .”You need tow day to get more” said sky god.
    Anansi need 200 cats but there were no cats in the US… then he won’t to the UK in the. UK there is 20000, 00000 cats in the UK “I am in heave” said Anansi. Anansi went to the sky god “I have done it” said Anansi. “Know give me my story”. Said Anansi. Know he has a story a funny one.

  13. Gather round, the hot cosy camp fire and listen to the best Anansi tale of all time. Anansi the six legged spider was lying in a Sahara desert. An a enormous elephant passed by and decided to lie down. He didn’t even bother to look. OWW1! He sat on Anansi. ”You ugly fat elephant!!” He screeched. He says” I challenge you to a tug of war fight!!” He ignored him. He went to have a rest. Anansi wasn’t stupid he’s a clever-minded spider. He went to the deep blue shore. He shouted for a killer whale. It came he demanded “I’m stronger then you!”

    He laughed “You will never be stronger than me!” You will be weaker than me if you don’t let me tie this rope to your top fin. He agreed stupidly. First, I will tell you when to push.
    He went to the disturbing elephant and tied the rope to his waste. He ran and screamed “GO!!” THE WAR BEGAN.
    The killer whale began to win the tug of war then the elephant began to win it carried r a full day! And finally stopped. He went to the elephant and asked “who’s the strongest?” “YOU” He went to the killer whale and demanded who’s the strongest?” YOOUU!!!”

  14. Gather round the warm, toasty campfire and I will tell you a story of Anansi that has not been told for many years. If you don’t know who Anansi is then listen carefully and I will tell you who Anansi is. Anansi is an African god that is very famous and he has six legs even though he is half human half spider. The Africans believe in Anansi and they always will believe in the African god, Anansi.
    One day Anansi was really bored and he felt like he wanted to prank someone. He was thinking what he could do, he had an idea. He would go to the most famous park in Africa, Anansi would say “Hey look at that bird”, and I would steel his wallet and run. I went to the park and found a man called Tomas but I called him Tom. We got to know each other a bit and I said “Hey look at that beautiful bird”. He looked at the tree whilst I was getting his wallet out of his pocket but he felt me and he screamed, “YOU THIEF! I ran away empty handed. He called the police and explained that I was called Anansi. The police said, “Is it the amazing god!” “Yes”, said Tom. The police saw me around the corner and they said “You’re under arrest!” I was shaking and I was crying and then they said, “HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!” And they hugged me for what seemed like forever. The End

  15. Gather around, the warm camp fire and listen well to a story that hasn’t been told in centuries . One day there was a spider called Anansi once tricked a python. The python was so lazy and he didn’t know anything only colours and a few words. Anansi said “heads I win tales you lose”. The python felt for it and the python lost every time.
    That afternoon Anansi saw a lion and Anansi said I have something to show you the lion said ok .Anansi got a cup of toilet water and put it on the Ruth and got a sweeping brush put it on the cup and said hold this lion and the . Lion said ok I will so the lion did it he held the sweeping brush and Anansi said have a great day and Anansi walk away.
    Anansi said I want an entertainment
    The killer whale was pulling the rope so the elephant was going back and then the elephant pulled the rope and said Anansi your strong Anansi went to the sky god and said I did the tricks on an elephant, a killer whale so the sky god said I will give you your entertainment and the sky god that’s the end of the Anansi story.

  16. Gather around the delightful, sizzling hot campfire and listen to my phenomenal tale, about Anansi, the spider god.
    Inside the gorgeous continent of Africa, the spider god, Anansi, was on his way to become the most powerful god in the universe! To do that he must climb the tall palm tree to the sky god Nyame. When Anansi reached Nyame she set a task for Anansi. He had to bring back to Nyame the big beastly tiger god, Nella. Nella is way more powerful and way more bigger than Anansi, so Anansi will have to outsmart Nella.
    Anansi was now on his way to find the tiger god but had struggle using the map for directions. He saw a dwarf in the meadow ahead collecting mushrooms. So Anansi, as quick as a flash, ran to the dwarf. Luckily for Anansi, the dwarf knew Nella and the dwarf led him to the big beast. The dwarf took Anansi to what seemed like a deep cave with stairs. Anansi tiptoed down the stairs as quiet as a mouse. When Anansi found the tiger he said, “Heads I win, tails you lose. I win you come with me, you win I come with you. Obviously Anansi won and the tiger went to Anansi. They went to Nyame, Nyame got Nella and Anansi was made the most powerful god in the world. The End.

  17. In the hot summery half of Africa, Anansi was bored. He wanted someone to trick. He decided to go see Nyame the sky god. When he got to the cloud temple he opened the doors. Nyame asked what Anansi wanted. Anansi told Nyame that he wanted someone to pull a prank on. Nyame said that if Anansi brought back a python, zebra and elephant he would give Anansi someone to pull a prank on. Anansi accepted this challenge and set off.
    When Anansi got to the birth tree he saw Ellan the elephant coming over so he quickly grabbed his freshly made pie. Ellan loved Anansi’s pie. Anansi offered Ellan the pie and Ellan said “Thank you Anansi.” Before Ellan could grab it Anansi shoved it into Ellan’s face and shouted “Pie face1”
    Then he went to the drinking hole and saw Zenera coming. Zenera loved drinking water. Anansi decided to use his webs as a cloth and cover Zenera’s eyes.
    Then he went to the forest of pickles. He met his friend pickle the python there. Pickle loved using camouflage to hide. Anansi shouted pickles name and pickle came out of hiding. Pickle walked into Anansi’s hole in the floor. Anansi offered to help by getting a stick from the gum tree. Pickle accepted this helpfulness and grabbed the stick by biting it.
    Anansi brought all the animals back to the cloud temple. Nyame said “Well done Anansi.” Anansi said “Where is my animal that I get to trick?” Nyame answered “You have already tricked them.” Anansi asked,” What do you mean?” Nyame answered, “The animals that you have captured-.” Anansi said, “Are the animals that I get to trick.” Nyame said, “Precisely.” The End

  18. On distant plains of the Sahara desert, there once lived an amazing powerful god with 8 spider legs and spider feature all over his body. His name was Anansi .In the sandy desert, Anansi was bored and decided he wanted some kind of entertainment .He wanted a story.
    He travelled to the far away temple of Nyme the Skye god because he knew that this powerful could grant him the honour of becoming the god of all stories. However Nyme demanded that Anansi first has to go and get a deadly python.

    Anansi travelled to the beautiful island and lied in wait to spring his cunning trap .He challenge the python to a game of heads or tails so Anansi said “Heads I win tales you lose” so the python agreed stupidly to the deal but it’s obvious that Anansi won and the python lost.

    Anansi retuned to Nyme with the deadly python that Nyme asked for then she said “I shall now grant you to be god of all stories” Anansi was so happy that he jumped for joy and he lived ever happily ever with his clever brain .

  19. Gather around, everyone, I will tell you a story. That there was an African spider called Anansi. He is a trickster and he tricks everybody in Africa. He was in his cobweb bed and he woke up in a rush and went outside. He went, out to trick someone and he found someone and he said “Hello.’’ The other human said “Hi how are you today.‘’ Anansi said “Um my day is really well.’’ then he said “I’m a gunner so go now bye’’ The other person said “ bye’’ Then Anansi said to everyone “ I saw this person I don’t know who he is.’’ a person said “ we shoed all see that person agent and welcome him so who , with me!’’. And someone said “yes.” and everybody said “yes we are going to see that Guy.” and they all set off with Anansi and going to meet the person at the primaries. Anansi was on their way to meet that person, at the primaries and they was almost there and they see the pyramids and they was there they can see him and they was talking to him Anansi said “hello again new Guy.” and the person sad “hello.” And then Anansi said “what’s wrong with you voice.” He said “I’m a human.” And they all went home the end.

  20. Gather around, evry body and listen to a old story.Once a pona a time the was a spider his name was Ananis. He was the cleverest spider in the world. he looked scary because his eys are red like a deemon.The was a elephant who sat on Ananis.
    He said “Get of me now please be for you squosh me please elephant I am the greatest spider in the world because I can play tricks on people and animals.” “Do you think your stronger than me?” “Of course I am.” “I can beat you your only a spider. Whale said “ hahahaha game on!!! Elphent said “ hahahahahah game on!!! Anansi put his mask on and he hoaxed people. He were climbing up a tree to give the pot to Nyame but then he smashed the pot then bronze came out the pot. Anansi started crying because he fell and he smashed the pot.
    If he didn’t fall if he didn’t cry if he didn’t smash the pot then Nyame wouldn’t be mad at him.

  21. Gather around, and I will tell you all a about the famous spider. Anansi went to the sky-god, said, “I have a test for you, I want you to get a python, dwarf, hornets and a cheetah.” Anansi set of to find the four things and one day Anansi found the python and picked a stick and said “I don’t know if the stick is longer than the python”. The python heard what Anansi said and spread out along the stick. Anansi said, “Would you like me to tie you to the stick so it shows your real length”.” Yes”, said the python. Anansi tied the python to the stick and then took the python to Anansi.
    Anansi set of to find the dwarf in the woods. He placed under the tree a doll covered in sticky cotton
    Candy. When a dwarf found the doll he said, “You look very pretty today”. When the doll did not reply he got mad and whacked the doll with one hand and then with the other. When both of the dwarf’s hands were stuck Anansi took him to Nyame. Then went off to find cheetah and trick the cheetah with a ball of string and took him to Nyame. Then set off to find the hornets of the trick that I am doing today is sprinkle to rain and trick the hornets and capture them.

  22. In a far place, there lived a smart trickster called Anansi. One day, he was bored so he set off to the sky temple, where Nyame the sky-god lived. “Have you got a quest for me?” questioned Anansi. “Yes I have,” replied Nyame. You have to get one python in the dark cave, a leopard in the jungle, lots of hornets in the fields and a dwarf in the mineshaft. If you get all of them, you’ll receive a reward of being the god of all stories. “I will come back with them all,” cried Anansi. “Good luck!” replied Nyame.

    Anansi set off to the dark cave to get the python. Anansi knew that the python loved tp brag about his self. “I wonder if the python is longer than this stick?” said Anansi. The python overheard. He came out of his hole. The python couldn’t make a line so he wrapped around the stick, then Anansi took him to Nyame. After that, Anansi went to the jungle and dug a hole. The leopard was looking for food but suddenly he fell in the hole. Anansi yelled, “Do you need help?” “Yes!” replied the leopard. Anansi shot him with his webs and took him back to Nyame.
    Later on, Anansi got a jug and tipped water on the hornets and pretended it was raining. The nornets went in his jug and he sealed the top. He took them to Nyame. Anansi covered a doll with gum and a plate of salad. The dwarf thanked the doll for the salad but there was no response. He slapped the doll. Slap! He became stuck! Anansi took him to Nyame. After that day, Anansi became the god of all stories…

  23. Ruby – Anne

    Welcome and gather around a cozy campfire,go and gramp some mashmellosand listen well., there once was an African god: his name is Anansi.. He is half human,spider. He wanted some entertainment. He wants a story.
    Anansi asked Nyame AKA the sky god “Can you grant me the god of all stories?” The price is an elephant, explained Nyame.
    “I don’t know what to do,” said Anansi.”I’m going to put apples on the floor and a trap at the end,” said Anansi.
    Anansi called the elephant. to eat all the apples and was in the trap. One hour later… “There is the -elephant,“ yelled Anansi happly. “Now you are the god of all stories!”
    THE END…

  24. On the distant plains of the sahara desert there lived an amazing god with spider legs and spider features all over his body. His name was Anansi. In the sandy desert, Anansi was bored and decided he wanted some kind of entertainment. He wanted a story.
    He travelled to the far away desert of the Nyame and to the sky of the god because he knew that the powerful god couldn’t grant him the honour of becoming the god of all stories. However, Nyame demanded that Anansi first go and capture the deadly pyphon of Madagascar.
    Anansi travelled to the playful island and lied in the beautiful sun in walt to spring his cunning trap He challenged the long, colourful python from the Madagascar film. To a game of heads and tails whereby the python must surrender. If he lost to Anansi he explained “Heads I win tails you lose “ confidently the python accepted. The challenge and obviously lost.
    Anansi returned the long, colourful python to Nyame. He became the god of all stories if Anansi wasn’t so so clever. If Nyame wasn’t so powerful, if the python wasn’t so dumb, then no one would be bored and it wouldn’t be so hot that’s the end of that Anansi story


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