1. I observed that that there were dots of air trapped within the Ice-Ball. I also observed that if you add salt to ice then it melts quicker, and that temperature is lowered. I also noticed that if you add food colouring that sometimes it went inside the ice-all; other times it stayed of the surface.

  2. I obsovered that if you put food colouring in an ice ball it doesn’t always go inside I also observed that ice melts faster but the temperature goes down using salt. It has lots of patterns inside and has spiky areas.

  3. I observed that there were drops of air inside. I also found out when you but salt on it makes a hole. I also found out when you but the food dye in it doesn’t always go in.

  4. I observed that that it had patterns and it melted quicker with salt in it. When my group added food colouring to it some times it melted into the ice ball.

  5. I observed that if you add salt to the ice ball then it starts melting quicker. I also found out that inside the ice ball it looks like its coral but it is actually little gas bubbles stuck inside. Some people think adding food colouring makes it look pretty; others think it looks ugly. Some people thought it looked like a skull; others think it looks like a crystal.

  6. I learnt that salt melts ice quick then we put food colouring in side. There where little lines in side it was really fun.

  7. I observed that there were dots of air trapped within the ice-Ball.also observed that if you put salt on food colourinng it all goes inside.

  8. I observed that the ice cube is gonna melt faster when it had salt on top of it because when a ice cube has salt above it will melt faster then when it had on salt on top so salt wins. Hey, the best thing ever happened in my life, i meant science experiment in my life.

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