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  1. L.O. To be able to write a legend
    Name Abigail
    Gather around and I’ll tell you a story that hasn’t been told for centuries .It might be sad but it’s true you might cry when it reaches your ears .Some people think she is a hero; others think she is a impostor. She is as dangers as a sword. She has killed many monsters in her life .
    In a far off land a monster kept eating every- one .They thought they were next and that no-one was going to be saved but they were wrong…
    The massive boa constrictor was yelling for his life .Then with a .POW! BANG! SMASH! BOOM! SLASH! STAB! The boa constrictor was dead but Abius was badly injured badly .She died a brutal death .Now we carry on her spirit by telling her story.
    If she was lazy, if she was weak, if she wasn’t born, then we’d all be dead.

  2. L.O. To be able to write a legend.
    Name: Alfie
    Gather around near the cosy, warm cabin. I’ll tell you an ancient story passed on for many generations located in ancient Egypt. It’s a magnificent one but1 don’t get your hopes up. It’s a pretty sad to. It was a person the only person who dared to save the city and the leader! His name was James, a mighty man. Some think he is a little, dumb, wimp; others think he is a good learner.
    He faced off with venom in a dual. Venom is a mysterious, black creature. Venom cried” I’ll stab you and then I’ll do the rest of the village” Jameus said” well see” The battled off to doom. But venom made an escape. No one knew what happened after that. If, James didn’t stand up if, James didn’t fight if, James hadn’t been afraid then we would be doomed.

  3. .O. To be able to write a legend.
    Name: Amellia-Rose

    Gather round and listen well I will tell you a tale that has been around for generations. It is a tale of bravery and adventure.
    In a time of heroes and gods lived a mighty beast called Redus. There was only one person who could defeat this beast. Lucyus a brave warrior with a loving heart.
    One day in the village’s castle lived a big mean creature. “I bet it’s Redus’s castle,” said Lucyus loudly. BASH! BOOM! BASH! “I can hear someone coming down the stairs,” “Oh no he’s a giant!” “Yes Lucyus I am a giant and I will slay you!” boomed Redus. “You slay me I will slay you,” said lucyus confidently. “You can’t stop me you’re only little,” “I know I may be smaller than you but I am smarter than you,” “What you smarter than me?” BANG “How did you make me fall?” “How did I make you fall because I’m smarter than you,” Redus got angry so he slayed Lucyus.” That wasn’t me but this is,” SLASH! “Nooooo” BANG!
    If Lucyus wasn’t brave, if she wasn’t smart, if she wasn’t adventures, then none of this tale would have happened.

  4. Name: Ben
    Gather around and listen we, I will tell you a story that has not been told for years and years. It is the greatest story ever. You might think it’s not but wait until you read it. No one can beat it. Everyone thinks it is the best no one thinks it is bad. It is so good your mind could blow off in excitement you need to read.

    It is so good no one and I mean no one can even get it so amazingly.
    The Hunter is a fierce man he has a fierce pet bat. He was running to a village. He asked a man “Can I stay here?” The man replied “Yes”. One night a mysterious creature. Hunter went to fight it POW! Sadly, he died but his bat sucked the blood and the bat could give up his life for someone else so he healed Hunter. Hunter got a medal.

  5. L.O. To be able to write a legend
    Name: Caprice

    Gather round the warm cosy toasty fire place and roast marshmallows and I will tell you a story that hasn’t been told for centuries and more! There was a brave heroic hero called Capriceus, nobody knew she was a hero. There was also an evil creature. She was the only hero with nobody to help her.
    They lived on a peaceful land until the evil mysterious creature came it liked eating flesh of people who lived near the mysterious creature or close to the village they thought no one could ever save them from this evil mysterious creature but they were very wrong…
    So Capriceus grabbed her sword and travelled and travelled and travelled and travelled and travelled and travelled until she go to the destroyed village because of the evil mysterious creature she approached the evil creature sleeping suddenly her sword slipped out of her hand “grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” screamed the evil mysterious creature “oh no” whispered to herself. The evil mysterious creature saw the shining blading sword “oooo why is that sword there “screeched the creature
    Capriceus stepped out and grabbed her sword BANG! SMASH! CLANG! BOOM! “Oh no!” yelled Capriceus “the hydria is growing more heads!” cried Capriceus I “will kill you hydria even if it’s the last thing I do1”demanded Capriceus “you never will I’m too powerful for you! “Screeched the hydria “no I will kill you believe me!” yelled Capriceus. The hydria got angry it ended up with dark red eyes. Capriceus went and stabbed the hydria but Capriceus got poisoned and the both died. If Capriceus didn’t save the day, if she wasn’t a hero, if she wasn’t alive, then we would be all dead.

  6. L.O. To be able to write a legend.
    Name: Charlie Davis
    Gather around and listen well, I will tell you an epic tale that has not been told for centuries… It’s the most brilliant but miserable tale to have ever been told. On a stormy island, where darkness looms, lived a strong, brave warrior, his sword will have good fun tasting the flesh of the horrible, evil, dark monsters. His name was Hercules, Hercules the mighty warrior.
    Under the stormy island, far away from the wavy sea, lived a horrible, revolting one eyed monster. With huge ears as filthy as a rat and one massive, hideous eye and a sloppy mouth as ginormous as an octopus. He was pure evil! His name was Mrcookus…
    He bravely entered the disgusting creature’s lair, as filthy as a rubbish dump. Mrcookus pulled his sharp deadly weapon out of his pocket and screamed, “Come here you evil revolting rubbish bin or I will slay you horrible creature!”
    The fight begins and Mrcookus stabbed the mighty creature the mighty creature screamed, “Ouch!” bang! Crash! Smash! Slash! Stab!

  7. L.O. To be able to write a legend.
    Charlie S-G

    Hercules: the legendary journey this is the story of a long time ago. A time of myth and legend, when the ancient gods were petty and cruel and they surpassed mankind with suffering, only one man dared to challenge their power…. HERCULUS passed a strength surpassed only by a power of is heart. Charlie he journeyed the earth, bouncing the minions of his wicked stepmother, Hera, the all-powerful queen of the gods wherever there was evil, whenever an innocent would suffer, there would be …. CHARLIE!!!
    Hercules was exhausted,” my sword will devour your flesh,” you foul fiend”. He ran at the beast. BANG! WHACK! SMASH! CLANG! POW! BOOM! The two fights for have, eventually Charlie weakened and Hercules slaughtered him with a blade, but not before Charlie sliced Hercules open and Hercules sliced insides Charlie too.
    If Hercules wasn’t strong, he wouldn’t be strong to get Charlie, but he was strong and strong to get Charlie.

  8. L.O. To be able to write a legend.
    Name Daisy
    In every generation there is a chosen one to fight all darkness and evil.She alone will stand against the dark side of man kind.This might be a sad story but at least some one survived.She is the indestructible and incredible Xena.
    She is a heroic and dauntless hero. In a far land, there lived a vile and disgusting creature who feasted on the flesh and corpses of mankind. The name of the disgusting beast was Grendel.
    Xena who was the warrior princess heard about the hideous beast called Grendel. She fought she might challenge herself and try to slay the oh mighty beast. When she got to Grendel’s cave she got her sword out and …POW! BANG! SMASH! BOOM! Grendel was dead and Xena won the big battle. If Xena wasn’t brave, if she didn’t slay the beast, if she didn’t save the day, then the world would be doomed.

  9. LO: To be able to write a legend.
    Name: Eloise
    Gather around and listen well and I will tell you a story what hasn’t been told for many years. The oldest story in the universe. So get comfy and listen. There is a scary monster in this legend, There is a mighty hero called Xena she was a princess. But not any princess she was warrior princess. There is a scary monster called Grandel . He has sloppy muddy hair. Every time they had a mead– hall Grendal attacks… A few years later, Grendal strikes again. Xena told the village people to build a mead-hall and then Grendal got mad so Xena was going to kill Grendal. That night they went to the mead-hall. Suddenly, the music came on then Grendal woke up from is sleep as mad as he had ever been in his life. Grendal stomped down the hill, but hr didn’t know that Xena was following him. Grendal was just about to open the door when Xena yelled “My sword will taste you flesh!” No it won’t my claws will rip your heart out!” “We’ll see about that then!” cried back Xena. Grendal’s claws ripped out Xena’s heart but Xena sword ripped Grendal’s heart out as well. They both died but the village people were sad that Xena died. If Xena wasn’t brave, if Xena was week, if Xena was just a princess, then everyone would be dead!

  10. L.O. To be able to write a legend.
    Name: Finley
    Gather around and listen whilst I tell you a story that has not been told for years and years…
    There was a hero and he wos cold Dedalyers he was one the best heroes across the whole universe.
    He heard a murder in a home near him, he went to the scene of the crime “ How do you think he did this?”said Dedalyers.
    “Deadpool might have done it” said the sheriff.
    The murderer was not seen for 13 days. 13 day later he was found. .
    “Come here you scumbag!” said Dedalyers as they fought to the death. POW! BANG! BOOM! Once Deadlyers had slain Deedpool he rode off into the sunset on his pet llama.
    The End.

  11. L.O. To be able to write a legend.
    Name: Haider
    Gather around and listen we, I will tell you a story that has not been told for years and years… This is an ancient legend that has never been told since centuries and further more. Other ancient story will not be great as this one. This story is about a brawny warrior brawny as superman. He was called the amazing dogoius. Brave as Hercules strong as steel. He believed that one day he will be a warrior and fight an evil creature in his adult hood but it went all wrong…
    On a distance land, there lived an ancient village on a sandy desert. It had lovely weather it was never cold in the winter so they went there to live. Dogoius was excited so as his family
    They went but when they heard the news they regretted going…
    It was a snake or lizard in the pitch blue sky it lived on this island that they went to. They went to an old fashion museum and slept there for the day because the other houses were destructed like a pea getting squished. The colossal dragon ate the flesh of dead humans he did look like a rusty fat boffola. That’s why he lived in the sky but dogoius didn’t allow that but his mother and father kept giving excuses like “your nine you’re too young to lose!”
    When they were all a sleep he crept out silently without his parents knowing he went out of the rusty room and tip-toed out of the museum but he saw the bat angel destructing even more stuff then usual so he thought he was trying to kill him he was right the only thing you could hear was BANG CAPOW SMASH SLASH WIPOW SNAP CREAK CHICKCHING. He thought he is going to be death or something but he was wrong with his courage with his belief he would do anything he put his mind to he put his own mind to be a hero he searched around for him. Suddenly it became silent. The colossal buffalo went to sleep HHHOOONNNGG YYYYOOOUUU he snored and made trees snap like one little stick. He found a sharp log he barely picked it up and he finally found him he picked up the heavy log throw it in his eye but he only had one eye so h thought It would be better if he stabbed him in the eye so he can’t see he through it with all his power and wwwwwhhhooooosssshhhh it went all the way through its eye he had one big hole in the middle of his head and died immediately died. He could not survive that but he came back with a broken bone in his body everyone was a sleep he screeched for help. He did get help he could only use one arm for all his life. But at least he got his dream done his parents paid a thousand pounds just for that he slayed the evil creature. They moved back in their county and went home he went to school they asked in amazement how did that happen he told them the story and what happened and they celebrated again for that dogoius was so happy. But his mother came over so and his father those were the tremendous ancient buffalo. If dogoius wasn’t alive, if he wasn’t a hero, if he wasn’t courageous, then the world would be demolished by a his evilness. What do you think can you be a hero like him? He was a courageous hero he will never been forgotten for what he did for us today.

  12. L.O To be able to write a legend.
    Name: Hollie
    Gather round the warm toasty, melting camp fire eat some toasted marshmallows or some smores .I will tell you a story that has not been told for a thousand years so now sit back relax and listen. So this story will be the most best but the most sadist stories of all .There about more than two hundred stories in this planet but this story has not been told for years.
    If you are listening then get comfortable and don’t move because you won’t hear me talking. They live on lived on a peaceful land until a monster cam and the monster were half vampire half demon.
    One peaceful day hollieus was on an adventure and she found a little village. To stay in a cabin she went into the cabin and there were a man and a woman the man looked scared but the man looked normal but the woman looked like a vampire and something else but I figure out what. So I started feeling a bit sleepy so I went to sleep. I woke up and there were blood all over even on me so I opened my eyes and the woman was there with blood all over her mouth and I realized she was half vampire half demon.
    So I was going to go but she screamed “YOU ARE NEXT!” So I answered back “What do you mean I’m next?” So stepped outside and there were a thousand of her so I killed seven hundred and then I killed two hundred of them and I fought I killed all of them but she was behind me so got my sword out I and I tried to kill her with that didn’t work so I tried my gun didn’t work I tried my axe and it sliced her body up and I started my adventure again. If hollieus didn’t go into the cabin, if the evil woman didn’t sorter someone, if she wasn’t crazy then life would be amazing.

  13. L.O. To be able to write a legend.
    Name: James
    Welcome and gather round I’m telling you a story that will blow your mind. It’s a story that hasn’t been told for years and years. The hero is called Buffy is a brave slayer she is strong girl she can hit people down to the ground. She is really strong. She has really strong powers. She is a fast runner. Some people think Buffy is a mean slayer: others know that she is a nice slayer. Buffy is strong: strong because she can defeat any one.
    One day Buffy met a vampire the vampire vas mean so buffy punched the flesh eating monster. BING!!! SMASH!!1 POW!!! Buffy stabbed the mean flesh eating monster to the ground then he kept and stabbing her in till the vampire turns into dust then when the vampire died all her friends came and tried biting Buffy but then buffy slays them then she chucked her shield at the vampires and she killed them then more come then buffy chucked her shield again and she killed them and know there’s no more came to fight but something happened ten more came but then buffy slayed them. More vampires came to try to slay Buffy. Buff attacked them once again. She is the champion of killing vampires.
    If buffy wasn’t strong, if she wasn’t a slayer, if she wasn’t powerful, then world would be DOOMED.

  14. L.O. To be able to write a legend.
    Name: Kaitlyn
    Gather round and listen well to the amazing story that has never been told about an evil vampire. The vampire searched up and down, round and round to taste amazing blood YUM. But Kaitlynus was walking the same way … but they didn’t see each other when they were walking past the tree. The evil vampire was called Laceyus she looks pretty but she is evil..
    That day Kaitlynus was walking towards vampire land to meet her family but … her family where poised and they were turned into vampires. She didn’t know but laceyus was there. Laceyus was looking at kaitlynus when she was cleaning her sawed she was under a soggy, wet tree. Suddenly, Laceyus grabbed Kaitlyns and bit her neck to taste lovely liquid blood ha ha ha said Laceyus now happy. The end
    If Kaitlynus wasn’t born ,If she wasn’t a hero , If she didn’t save the people then the world wouldn’t be doomed .

  15. LO: To be able to write a legend.
    Name: Lacey C
    Gather round the flaming hot campfire and I will tell you the greatest legend ever to be told for Centuries and more. It’s the most supreme legend ever to be heard. This god is the most powerful god ever to live. Her name was Marvellous Maleficent!!! Her tough wings and her mighty black horns can never be defeated. Some people think Maleficent is a powerful god; others think she is a week fairy.
    On a rocky island far away in Tiland lived the hideous flesh eating monster called the Hydra. He was a three red headed monster, no one ever dared go near his layer. He has pointy teeth, sharper than the great white sharks.
    On a market nearby was a quiet, cosy village were the Hydra had his breakfast lunch and dinner. The village people spread the gossip everywhere about this dreadful beast.
    Maleficent hear about the flesh eating monster and decided something had to be done. They made armour and swords with her magic and gave every creature one. Then they went into battle.
    BOOM! SLAM! POW! ZAP! WACK! STAB! Went there swords.
    They realized when they chopped one of the Hydras head of it just grew three more! Maleficent made herself into a giant, stabbed him in the heart STAB! Then she poisoned him with her magnificent magic ZAP! Every inch of him soon disappeared in a puff of smoke. Maleficent then shrunk herself back down to her normal size. They went back to their realm and rejoiced. If Maleficent wasn’t a hero, if Maleficent wasn’t courageous, if Maleficent was just a normal fairy, then everyone would be doomed!!!
    The end.

  16. L.O. To be able to write a legend
    Name: Lacey J
    Gather round as I vow I will tell you a legend that has not been told for many a millennium! The legendary hero is named Buffy, a powerful and audacious slayer. In a far away town named Happyville Buffy heard a scream coming from the next street. When she got there she saw…
    A puddle of blood?.. She went closer to investigate and then she met a terrifyingly scary vampire. Before she could scream Bob the vampire grabbed her. Bob pulled her neck closer to his mouth and Buffy felt a tear rolling down her face. When she saw what she thought was a human until she saw vampire’s eyes. So from then on she thought she was going to die but no… The second vampire was named Jeff and he slayed Bob and Buffy fell to the ground. Buffy and Jeff got to know each other. One day, Buffy heard a scream coming from her neighbour’s house. When she got there she saw nothing. She thought to herself “who is doing this?” Then out of no-where spike jumped out of the shade.
    Buffy screamed. POW! CLASH! KICK! PUNCH! SMASH! The two fought for twelve hours until Buffy sliced spike open! “Die you evil fiend!” Cried Buffy. When Buffy left spike got up and followed her… Buffy got in her house a shut the door tight. Spike tried opening the door but it didn’t open so he decided to teleport behind the door. “That worked!” Buffy shouted” who is there?” spike hid as one of her plants and Buffy picked up the plant that spike was hidden as and brought it up stairs. Spike waited until Buffy was asleep. Spike woke up two hours later to Buffy fast asleep. Spike jumped out and went closer to Buffy. Buffy woke up and saw spike coming closer to her
    She got out her sword a stabbed spike two hundred and fifty times Spike still didn’t die. The two fought for sixteen hours until Buff’s mum came up and saw spike she grabbed a wooden steak and held it against spike but spike didn’t look at it. Instead he killed Buffy’s mum. Buffy cried “Grr you really are a fouled fiend aren’t you?” Spike growled for his friends. Spikes friends appeared and saw what spike was doing and they attacked spike instead of Buffy.
    Buffy helped them and then when they were finished Buffy thanked them and threw Spike out the window. Then Spikes mum and dad came and slayed Buffy. If spike had died, if Bob and Jeff didn’t scare Buffy, if Buffy hadn’t died, then the world would be saved.

  17. L.O. To be able to write a legend.
    Lacey Smith
    Gather around every one I am going to tell you the most greatest story in the world it might be old but this is how it starts it started not so long ago with a little girl called Buffy and Buffy wasn’t scared of nothing really she was only scared of bunnies Buffy was terrified of bunnies. Buffy had lots of friends because she is so friendly and kind. She loved other creature except from bunnies she hated bunnies so much but one lovely day when it was Buffy’s birthday she had a little party but Buffy stared to get a bit tired so she headed up to bed…….
    Buffy heard lots and lots of nosiness coming from her wardrobe but because Buffy was on hear phone she fought it was coming from down stairs but she was on her phone then like I said but when she heard them she put her phone down and she went to go and open the but she was scared and she didn’t know what was in there so she demanded to here self ‘’ Be violent be violent ‘’ then the noises kept on getting louder and louder and louder the noises were blowing Buffy little ears of. The big heavy noises went like this POW! BASH! SLASH1 BOOM1 STAB1 BANG! Those big heavy noises were blowing Buffy little ears of…….
    Then Buffy couldn’t listen to them any more so she went to go and open the door….
    As she went closer and closer the noises got louder and louder so she ran quickly to the door she ran as fast as a little puppy could……..
    She opened the door and when she opened the door all the big heavy noises stopped straight away Buffy’s ears popped then she looked in the wardrobe, when she looked there was nothing in the wardrobe it was pitch black she couldn’t see anything and in the wardrobe there were a big fluffy bunny but the bunny was evil and the evil fluffy bunny was called Haiderus and Haiderus was a big kind of cute bunny but he has really really really sharp teeth that he could bite through a human bone…….
    Buffy screamed her head of but she said in her head’’ be brave be brave’’ then Buffy shut her eyes and started to fight with her eyes shut but the bunny was ready to bite Buffy up in one bite then he opened his mouth and he reached over to bite her head but then buffy opened her eyes a little bit to see the bunny and then she screamed again and when Buffy screams the bunny gets really really scared like Buffy when she screamed then Buffy kicked the bunny in the mouth so hard that he couldn’t feel his mouth and all the bunny teeth came out but the bunny still had his sharp clause but be for he knew it Buffy scratched Haiderus across the face then when buffy fought he was dead the bunny Haiderus jumped up and scratched Buffy’s cheek and then they were both dead then buffy dad came up to check on here she was on the floor bleeding and they was blood all over her neck her whole family was upset …..

  18. L.O. To be able to write a legend..
    Name: Macey
    Gather around and am going to tell you the most mythical story that has not been told for many years and years I hope you enjoy, this is how it starts it starts with a little girl that was called Lizzy and Lizzy was 13 years old and she was a great fighter: she would train a lot. Lizzy was the world best fighter she wins every medal and she wins every match. Lizzy was not scared of nothing at all. Lizzy was sat on her soft bed. She was hearing lots and lots of wired noises the end.

  19. L.O. To be able to write a legend.
    Name: Maggie

    Ages come and go. Leaving legends behind but even legends fades to myths. Myths are soon long forgotten for the story I’m going to tell you. This story hasn’t been told because a sacrifice happened.
    A long time ago in ancient Greece a baby was born her name was Lilius a sweet, little girl that was so brave and mighty she lived on her own she had nothing to worry about she had a special ability like magic she made the vase disappear. Many days later she trained and trained until she knew she was ready to fight she was a brave and mighty warrior so she started trying new weapons. Two days, passed she learnt how to use a sword correctly just like a normal warrior would she trained non-stop (she only stops at night). Five days passed and she learnt how to use archery.
    In a land far and damp a cookie lived his name was Nathan a boy that loved eating eyeballs. He suddenly heard a call of a new hero was born he wanted to fight the hero for food (because he wants to eat her eyeballs). A year later, Nathan trained and Lilius was no longer a kid she was a teen who knew how to use a sword, archery and an axe. A few days later, Lilius got an invitation she thought in her head” I will. Defiantly do this 1“
    One day passed, and she was defiantly ready. She had her arrows on her back her sword in her hands. She was walking to Sherwood Forest so she could fight the all mighty Nathan (but he is never really mighty any time day mid-day) was sitting at the same river his mother drowned then pow1 smash1 slash1 When Lilius was going to finish Nathan he teleported behind her just in time Lilius turned around and they both stabbed each other.
    If Nathan never was born, if he never was mean, if he never had powers, then Lilius would still be alive and the world would have a lot of people.

  20. LO To be able to write a legend.
    Name: McKenzie

    Gather around and listen well, will tell you a story that has not been told for years and years. It’s one of the greatest but saddest tales ever to be told. He is called Beowulf and he goes out to fight with a monster with his mighty sword. He went off on his journey to fight the bad guy, he travelled up the cliff and he found him. And they fight BANG WHACK SMASH CLANG POW BOOOOOM the two guys fight and Beowulf wins because he chopped his head off! He celebrated and went back home and everyone saw him and they were happy and everyone is saved by the evil Grendel and to never to be seen again and Beowulf went in house and had a rest from that Grendel the end. And you will never mess with Grendel because he will slay you

  21. L.O. To be able to write a legend.
    Name: Ruby-Anne
    Welcome and gather around the cozy campfire. Listen to my mythical story, the hero is Rubeus. It happened around about five thousand years ago. She is as brave as Hercules. She was a warrior who fights like a monster with a sword that can test your flesh. She had vilet lighting power. Courageous, Rubeus wanted to slay a mystery…but I don’t want to tell you who it is.Rubeus was heroic but a bit scared. “I’ll get the mystery person/creater.’’ Some people don’t know who Rubeus is; other might know who she is.
    In a dry, boring and grey land Rubeus was trying hard to be strong like a bolduser. POW1 BANG1 SMASH1 BOOM1 SLASH1 STAB1 The creater was called Murdurs. She lay on the floor but Murders’ flesh leeged then Rubeus got poisoned. The town of Rubeus were grey for ever and ever till a new warrior comes… Everyone’s life was grey. Who would be the warrior? It might be Rubeus‘Jr. Thank you for reading my mythical and legend story.

    If she wasn’t a slayer, if she didn’t put her hands on Murdurs, if she had no help, then who would be the hero/warrior.

  22. L.O. To be able to write legend.
    Name: Sebastian
    Gather around and listen well I will tell you a story that has not been told for years and years…
    Now I will tell you a story There was a hero called Hercules who is very brave and muscular. One day he found a monster. When Hercules saw the monster, he told the whole village, the whole village was panicked and terrified. Hercules later challenged the monster and got POW!! A SMASH!!!! AND FOR LAST ONE KAPOW!!!!!After Hercules says, “Do not come here anymore!!” The monster will not try anymore!
    The village celebrates for Hercules.
    but I return the monster after two months later to have a plan to defeat Hercules. Hercules sniffed say,s, “Why did you come back?!?!?”
    Screaming, “To have my revenge again and seize the village ha hah ha!!!!!” He says smiling and laughing at the angry monster.
    “You will never defeat me, you horrible monster.” Hercules says, angry, defending the village. Hercules I immediately give it POW!! By mistake breaking a house the monster I give them a SMASH!!!!! Throwing Hercules a plutonium tube that came out of plutonium that blew up the village after Hercules and the monster came face to face
    and they say. “Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! …” And after scadabooooooom!!!!!!!!!!!
    the monster died! The village cry of happiness and I will make a double party and all happy and happy!

  23. Skye
    L.O. To be able to write a legend.
    Gather around the toasty, warm camp fire and I will tell you a magnificent story that has been told for centuries and more. This old story is about a slayer called Buffy the demon slayer. Buffy is a fearless teen anger .This is the weirdest and greatest story ever.
    In a far land where demons where real, there lived a brave girl called Buffy. When she first glanced at the demons she thought if she battles them and then there will be no more demons. Some people think she can fight the demons; others think she can’t. But they were wrong …
    When Buffy came face to face with the demons she told her friends to help her defeat the demons. POW! BOOM! SMASH! BANG! Some of the demons were slayed or were they…
    If Buffy wasn’t brave, if her friends didn’t help, if she didn’t learn how to face her fears, then the world would be doomed.

  24. L.O. To be able to write a legend.
    Name: summer
    Welcome and listen I am going to tell you a story that has not been told for centuries there was a girl called Buffy and she is a mighty warrior and some people think that she strong: others think she is weak there is only one person who would fight and that was buffy. She is really brave and she was the only person in the world that would fight.
    One day Buffy saw a puddle of blood so she just walked on than 2 people jumped out of the tree and it was just 2 people dressed up.
    As quick as a flash Buffy rushed to the forest and a vampire come so then Buffy through a punch at the vampire SMASH! CLANG! POW! BOOM! Then the vampire through a punch at Buffy SMASH! CLANG! POW! BOOM! And then buffy and the vampire just walked away from each other.
    If I wasn’t called Beowulf, if I wasn’t called Buffy, if I wasn’t called Xena then I wouldn’t be a hero.

  25. +L.O. To be able to write a legend.
    Name: Tyran
    Gather around and listen , I will tell you a story that has not been told for years and years…
    It’s one of the greatest but saddest tales ever to reach the ears of men. In time of ancient Gods, there was only one hero of all times his name was Beowulf he was a mighty warrior of all time. There was a baddie his name was Tango he eats the flesh of the people.
    My sword will taste your flesh! I will fight you in till I will get you before you get me I will. POW! BANG! SMASH! SLASH! STAB! BOOM! gosh in hell you are hard powerful monster in the world you can’t stop me anymore because you can’t stop me in the town envy more you can’t stop he collapsed and he died on the slotted in the back of his heard now he his dead the monster in control..


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