11 thoughts on “Mythical Creatures!”

  1. Eliza is a little,young girl who lived with her father. She saw a kind mermaid on land! The mermaid has no fish tail because she is on land.

  2. I think the story so far is good but the Eliza was nice at first then she got a friend, who was secretly a mermaid and she took a thing from her home. She could go back and Eliza found the the mermaid the mermaid’s mirror. She hid it away from the mermaid and if she lost the mirror she was stuck on land.

  3. Description Detail: Freya is a young mermaid:she can only get back in the ocean if she has her mirror at all times.
    Ad same Ad:Freya is a gorgeous mermaid,gorgeous because she has multicolored streaks in her hair.
    Some; Others:Some people think Freya is a mermaid; others think she is a human.


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