4 thoughts on “World War 1 WOW Week: Great Women of WW1!”

  1. I really enjoyed Wow Week, especially going on the trip to The Imperial War Museum. I have learned a lot about WW1 and the jobs that the women were left to do while the men were fighting for our country. Our display looked absolutely amazing and all the TAs worked very hard on making it one of the best in the hall. Thank you to everyone who helped to make it an amazing, special event. Our work looked great and I enjoyed looking at the other displays. My favourite part of Wow Week was the street party that celebrated 100 years since World War 1.

  2. Thank you for some brilliant days. Wow week was awesome, thank you so much I had a great time. Thank you Miss Hoey, Mrs Smethurst, Mrs Carr, Miss Mitchell, Miss Hunt and Miss Bowen.

  3. I loved WW 1 Wow Week because we got to do all fun activities. My favorite part was when we had the street party. If I was a woman in WW 1 then I would have hid because I don’t like doing jobs.

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