10 thoughts on “Crime and Punishment!”

  1. I was really nervous because I have never spoken to a police officer. I had no idea what it was like to talk to a police. She was nice!

  2. I think the police women was very good. She told us you can only get arrested when you are 10 years old. She also told us that speeding in your car is a crime. She told us how to solve a crime. She was very kind and she told us what police officers were and carry with them.

  3. The police officer said that some officers wear a black top and some wear blue. Some arrest people; some don’t.

    That is what I learn from the police officer.

  4. I thought she was a bit scary but when I took a picture then I was fine with her. I thought she was a very nice person and she was very good at her job. She had a great personality. She had glasses, a police hat and had brown hair.

  5. The police officer was so interesting that I enjoyed it so I want her to come again. They have a taser, I never knew that so I have learned so much about police officers!

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