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  1. This was a valuable lesson to us all, we all must brush our teeth to keep them shining.
    I really enjoyed the lesson and learned amazing facts about teeth; I didn’t know that our gums go red when plaque spreads around. I didn’t even know about plaque!

  2. I think the vinegar was bad for your teeth because did you see what it did to the egg shell? And the coke, because it cracked the entire egg. Plus, the coke took the egg whites and it was just lying on top of the bottom of the tub. Also, I thought that the orange juice was bad also because it had a kind of acid on top of the egg.

  3. The first best one is the milk because it barely didn’t have any effect to it. Fruit shoot was sticky, I think it was left in the sun or the liquid was kind of warm?

  4. Anyway the egg, experiment was cool. But, I’m glad everyone was patient and I think everyone one did an amazing job at everything, and their patients.

  5. I had an amazing day because I got to know a lot of things and also I got to know about acid that burns your teeth. Also, I learnt that cheese does not give you nightmares! AMAZING! I feel like a genius talking like this. She wasn’t just okay; she was AMAZING!!!

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