Egg Experiment: What liquids are bad for your teeth?


Today we put eggs into 6 different liquids to test how they affect calcium carbonate. As teeth are also made from calcium, just like egg shells, we are going to use this information to test how different liquids can affect our teeth. The liquids we used were fruit shoots, coffee, vinegar, coke, milk and orange juice. What do you predict will happen to the egg shells? Which liquid will have the most detrimental effect?

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  1. Hello, I Think that the Vinegar is going to have an extremely brutal effect on the eggshell, as it contains lots of acidic acid. Others, like the coke and coffee, also contain other acids which can also damage your teeth, creating tiny holes and breaking your teeth, which is known as Tooth Decay. Although milk does contain some sugars, it should be fine on your teeth, actually, it should help your teeth, as it contains lots of calcium with is good for your teeth and bones. Some may not think this, but Fruit Shoot and Orange Juice actually contain a lot of sugary substances, like sugar itself. So after all that, Milk should have the best result, and Vinegar should have the worst…

    • A list of Best to Worst – (Starting from best)

      Milk – Good for your teeth and bones.
      Orange Juice – One of your 5 a day but contains sugar.
      Fruit Shoot – Contains a bit of sugar.
      Coke – Contains quite a lot of bad substances.
      Coffee – Heat and full of sugar.
      Vinegar – Contains acidic acid and a lot, and I mean a lot of sugar.

  2. Mr Cooke can we do a competition that’s the same as what we had to do for the eggs, but in a can or a cup, and put something different in that was not the same juice as what we put in?

      • That if you drink any form of Coke/CocaCola, your teeth will start to form an acid, dissolving the enamel of the teeth and cracking them open, forming cracks in the teeth.

        • Yes that is correct and there are some liquids that you think are not that sugary so you might think your teeth are fine, but the inside of your tooth will start to decay.

  3. First we got 6 eggs then we had some liquids and they were orange juice, milk, coke, vinegar, coffee and fruit shoot. Then we poured them into some tubs and we put the liquids in the tubs. After that, we put a label on the tub saying what was in side it.


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