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  1. If you would like some inspiration, please scroll down to the ‘Bye bye Mrs Goulbourne’ post and you can see some of the poems written by last year’s Year 4. Good Luck, I look forward to reading some amazing poems!

  2. Quickly Rebecca ate her tea
    Quickly because she needed a wee
    Quickly she stamped upstairs
    Quickly as she said her prayers
    Quickly she knocked on the door
    Quickly she stamped on the floor
    Quickly dad I need to go
    I’ve stamped so hard I broke my toe

  3. Wednesday 14th September 2016

    L.O To write a poem for Year 4’s class blog

    Surprisingly, the owl turns his head all the way
    Surprisingly, every single day
    Surprisingly, the owl do not blink
    Surprisingly, the owl do not know bling
    Surprisingly, owls eat mice
    Surprisingly, they’re just not as nice
    Surprisingly, owls hunt mice
    Surprisingly, always at night

  4. Tomorrow the Sun will rise high in the sky.
    Tomorrow is Monday, I’ll wave my dad goodbye.
    Tomorrow I will pack my bag for school.
    Tomorrow the sumdog competition will be cool.
    Tomorrow I will enjoy my apple in the playground.
    Tomorrow my friends and I will run around.
    Tomorrow is Friday, dad and I will build a fire using a log.
    Tomorrow I will be as happy as a sausage dog.

  5. Loudly, I shouted at the fluffy kitten,
    Loudly, the washing machine swirled around in the kitchen,
    Loudly, the sirens went off,
    Loudly, my brother coughed,
    Loudly, the fireworks bursted into the sky,
    Loudly, the plane set of and started to fly,

  6. Hungrily the cat eats the fish,
    Hungrily I close my eyes and make a wish.
    Hungrily the boy ran to the roads end,
    Hungrily the driver takes the next bend.
    Hungrily the seal dives down into the deep,
    Hungrily I fall into bed and sleep.
    Hungrily the young man loves life at sea,
    Hungrily the beautiful girl noticed me.

    • * Excellent use of rhyme
      * Wonderful variation in each line
      W – How could you change your adverb into a proper fronted adverbial? (Hint – it’s a type of punctuation.)

  7. Slowly, the girl went to shop,
    Slowly, the girl got a lolly pop,
    Slowly, the girl got some fireworks,
    Slowly, the girl put the fireworks down,
    Slowly, the girl went off.

  8. Silently, the crab clicked his fingers together,
    Silently, the owl hooted in bad weather,
    Silently, the bird lost all his feathers,
    Silently, on the green grass the horse is tethered,
    Silently, the deer roamed through the meadow,
    Silently, the the beaver built his home by the river,
    Silently, the ant delivered his food to his mother,
    Silently, the rabbit played with his brother.

    • * Well done Jazzmin – this is excellent!
      * Great use of rhyme and alliteration!
      * Powerful Verbs
      W – What adjective could you use to describe the river?

  9. I think im late, oh well. Sorry.

    My Adverb, Quickly
    Well, Here goes!

    Quickly, The Sabertooth Tiger destroys it’s victim,
    Quickly, The Sabertooth licked his lips and ate him.
    Quickly, The shot of a gun flies through the air,
    Quickly, The man said look over there!

    Quickly, The Police caught up to the thief
    Quickly, the hungry man gobbled the beef!
    Quick is the Lamborghini
    But Quickest of all,
    The Cheetah speeding all the way through the town hall

    Hope you like it,

  10. Quickly, the rabbit jumped over the rock.
    Quickly, the rabbit ate all the carrot.
    Quickly, the rabbit leaped away from the boys.
    Quickly, the rabbit jumped into the house.
    Quickly, the rabbit drank all his water.
    Quickly, the rabbit jumped into his cage before anyone could see him.
    Quickly, the rabbit sprinted out of the fire.
    Quickly, the rabbit ran to his owner.

  11. Noisily, the train went through the tunnel.
    Noisily, the people were in a muddle.
    Noisily, the clock ticked.
    Noisily, the donkey kicked.
    Noisily, I dropped my keys on the grid .
    Noisily, I dropped my bottle lid.
    Noisily, the baby was crying.
    Noisily, the washing machine was drying.
    Noisy is the horse’s neigh.
    but the noisiest one I bet was a huge drum set.

  12. Playfully, the cat played with his toy rat,
    Playfully, the cat sat on his mat,
    Playfully, the cat pounced on the mouse,
    Playfully, the cat played in his house,
    Playfully, the cat ate his food,
    Playfully, the cat was a cool dude,
    Playfully, the cat played with his ball,
    Playfully, the cat responds to his call

  13. Quickly, the hands went round the clock
    Quickly, mum fell of the dock
    Quickly, Gracie ate her tea
    Quickly, she had a wee
    Quickly, the cart-horse pulled its mile
    Quickly, the lady mount her stile
    Quickly, the tides creep up the sand
    Quickly, the shadow searched the land
    Quickly, Gracie knocked on the door
    Quickly, she stamped on the floor
    Quick mum I need to go
    I stamped so hard I broke my toe.

    Thank you for reading

  14. One minute after midnight,
    the moon is shining bright.
    One minute after midnight,
    we just turned out the light.
    One minute after midnight,
    my dreams are high in the kites.
    One minute after midnight,
    the dog next door barks and keeps me up all night.
    One minute after midnight,
    the morning is closer I am so tired I can’t open my eyes

  15. Quickly, the milk spilled on the floor,
    Quickly, the footsteps to the door.
    Quickly, the children ran to the car,
    Quickly, the mum had to drive far.
    Quickly, a cyclist swerves her way past,
    Quickly, through the lights we are not last.
    Quickly, the children opened the gate,
    Quickly, the teacher ran before she was late,
    Quick is the bell but quickest off all,
    Is the smile on my friends face when they hear me call.

  16. Quietly
    Quietly, the baby sleeps,
    Quietly, the green frog leaps.
    Quietly, I sit and read a book,
    Quietly, I help my mum cook.
    Quietly, the clock ticks,
    Quietly, I do some tricks.
    Quietly, I sit and listen,
    Quietly, the stars glisten.
    Quiet is relaxing – but quietest of all
    is the sea crashing on the wall.

  17. Slowly I made a sandcastle.
    Slowly boat sailed on the sea.
    Slowly a crab nibbled at my toe.
    Slowly a pig rolled in mud.
    Slowly I knock on the door.
    Slowly a baby cried.
    Slowly I walked my dog.
    Slowly I went to sleep.

    • *Adverbs
      *Great effort and use of ideas
      W – What punctuation could you have included at the end of your lines and after your adverb?

  18. Quickly, the hands of time move by,
    Quickly, moves of a butterfly.
    Quickly, I run to school,
    Quickly, I swim the length of a pool.
    Quickly, the rain came tumbling down,
    Quickly, I found shelter underground.

  19. Quickly, the hands of time move by,
    Quickly, moves the wings of a butterfly,
    Quickly, I run to school,
    Quickly, I swim the length of the pool,
    Quickly, the rain came tumbling down,
    Quickly, we found shelter underground,
    Quick is the cat – but quickest of all,
    are the autumn leaves that drop and fall.

    • *Well done, this is actually brilliant! I love your use of metaphors in the first line.
      *Great rhyme scheme and fronted adverbials
      W – Can you write a simile about the cat?

      • Same with me, Mr Cooke. I also like the fact that India has used a metaphor in her writing. I mean, I didn’t do it, and a lot of others didn’t do it.

  20. Qiuckly, the train rush past the track,
    Quickly, the car drove past the rock.
    Quickly, the plane flew past the cloud,
    Quickly, the men ran into the mud.
    Quickly, the bird flew past the sky,
    Quickly, the fox grabbed the fly.
    Quickly, the children finished the candy,
    Quickly, the wind blew the brandy.
    Quick is the horse –

  21. Sadly, the boy fell,
    Sadly, the rain fell.
    Sadly, the game stopped,
    Sadly, the balloon popped.
    Sadly, the ball got lost,
    Sadly, the cheats got most.
    Sadly, the ice cream melt,
    Sadly, the footballers left.
    Sad is the cat –

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