16 thoughts on “Write a poem”

  1. At Easter time lambs are jumping
    The flowers are blooming
    New life is beginning
    The world keeps spinning
    When winter goes away.

  2. S ummer is nearly here
    P oeple begin to cheer
    R abbist are happy jumping around
    I t’s is the best season of the year
    N ight are shorter on springs nights
    G oing to bed waking up to a lovely days

    T reats galoure from the Ester
    I nside my tummy there are really yummy
    M y family go to gradma for the big Ester hunt
    E very one smiling because spring on us

  3. Happiness
    The colour of happiness is blue as blue as a dolphin. The taste of happiness tastes like a strong,sweet,blueberry. The smell of happiness is cheeky but kind. Happiness feels of a small,big ball. It sounds like a bird tweeting,happily in the sky. And finally,it feels(on the inside)like a tingle in your tummy.

  4. The colour of happiness is as blue as a dolphin.The taste of happiness tastes like a strong,sweet blueberry. The smell of happiness smells like a poppy. Happiness feels as squishy as slime.It sounds like a bird tweeting happily in the sky.And finally it feels (on the inside)like a tingle in your tummy

    • * Brilliant similes and multi-sensory descriptions Lacey. You did a good job.
      /* Always remember your full stops.

  5. I am as quick as a tiger
    My eyes are as blue as the sea
    My ears can hear like a cheetah
    My brain is as smart as a lion
    My nose can smell like a monkey
    My heart is as big as an ball

  6. Spring is the best
    Rabbits could have fun is the sun
    In spring know one hibernating
    Now we know all about spring you’re the best
    Going to play outside with the rabbits in the sun I will be home soon


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