20 thoughts on “Snow Facts and Opinions”

  1. I think the snow is very cold to touch and it hurts my hands if i hold it for too long.It is as white as paper,and as soft as a sheep’s wooly coat.I like the snow because its very fun to play in and make snowmen with.

  2. Facts

    Snow reflects high level of ultraviolet radiation and can cause snow blindness.
    Light and fluffy snow is often called “powder”.
    Snowflakes form in a variety of different shapes each one is unique .
    Snow is not white .
    Do not eat yellow snow.


    Looking through my window tonight , l felt like l was in a snow globe watching all the snowflakes whirl around.
    Snow is as fluffy as a furry animal
    Snow is as cold as lce
    Snow is as beautiful as rain

    • * Thank you for the excellent facts. I didn’t know snow is not white. I also like your sentences that sound like poetry. 🙂
      /* Do you know what protects from snow blindness?

  3. Facts about snow.
    It’s white, fluffy, cold to the touch. Can be blown around by the wind. And melts into water. I love to play in it.

  4. The snow is cold as ice cream.The snow is fluffy as pink candy floss.Why is snow so cold? The snow is fun to play in. You can make snow angles and the best bit about snow is snow ball fight.You can make a big big snow man.

  5. The snow is as white as fully clouds. The snow is fun to play with. How nies is the snow? I like snow so I can play snowball at my sister. Snow is actually yellow like minuets.

  6. The snow is like a clowd an a hot day.The sun reflect on the snow it can make you blinde.You can make big and smalle snow bolls.

  7. Facts about snow.
    Every snowflake is unique.Snow isn’t white it is totally clear.It doesn’t have to be freezing to be able to snow.I love to play in it.I like to play snowball fights,make a snowman with my Dad and my big sister,play snowball fights.There’s also a wears game I play.It is when ever there’s a wall we try to see who can through the ball th highest on the wall


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