What is your favourite food?

What is in it? How is it made? What taste

Describe it using 2 Adjective Sentences.

Example: I love a healthy, tasty dinner for my dinner. My favourite is roasted dinner with fresh vegetables and roasted potatoes. I like having gravy on and a Yorkshire Pudding with it as well.

Other days there is usually lasagna or chicken with rice. I love both, but I prefer lasagna, it is really tasty! I prefer it with a good and healthy salad with many different vegetables. For dessert, I like a fruit salad and ice cream or homemade cake with yogurt, yummy!!

16 thoughts on “What is your favourite food?”

  1. One of my favourite food is spaghetti bolognese . It has got long wiggly spaghetti and it has got a rich, juicy tomatoe sauce. My mum cooks it in a big pan and I love the amazing smell.

    • * I love pizza but must be careful how much I eat. Although I like meaty ones I end up feeling bad so I eat vegetarian ones at the end.
      /* What is the healthiest food you’d eat?

  2. I love burgers for my dinner.My favourite is the burgers from mcdonalds,I also like the chips.I like to have tomato sauce with my meal.


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