31 thoughts on “What is your dream holiday?”

  1. My dream holiday. Would be Wales I think the. Weather. Will be. Worm but. Some. Time it. Will rain. While I am there I will play on the. Beach and go in. The water.Ill enjoy ice. My. Favour ice. Cream. Is. Chocolate white. a. flaik. and. Sprinkles.

  2. My dream holiday.Will be in Germany I think the weather will be warm and sunny but sometimes it might rain. I would like to play on the park.I would eat pizza and pie.

  3. My dream holiday is in Devon where the waves are swishy and the soft sand is warm.In Devon it is very warm but sometimes it’s cold.In Devon I have had such a good time. I’m going on holiday this year and I’m going there.I’m going on the 13th of October.I love watching the sunset rise on the beach.

  4. My dream holiday is in Devon where the waves are swishy and the soft sand is warm. Devon is usually warm but sometimes it’s cold. I’m going on holiday there on the 13th of October. Lots of people go on holiday there to play on the beach and surf. They do lots of fun activities and eat lots of ice cream. There is an ice cream shop near the beach. Once I had lots of ice cream because it was yummy. I like watching the sunset rise while I sit on the beach.I love Devon.

    • * Thank you for your comment Millie
      /* Rewrite: I would love to go to Italy because I like the food like pizza and pasta. I would like to visit Rome, which is the capital of Italy.

  5. Daddy is of work for two weeks,
    Roll over to our siwmming costumes,
    Excitidly we jumped in to the relaxing pool,
    Anxciously we stepped in the lovely blue ocean,
    Melting ice cream.

    Hot simmering sun ,
    Over the hot sandy beach,
    Luxury bed room,
    It is a amazing place,
    Daddy is loving the cozy bed,
    Amazing tasty food,
    Yummy gorgeous ribs,
    Sunny holiday dreams.

  6. Lanzaroty is my favourite place to go on holiday .it is a hot Sunday place I pack my suitcase I pack my sun glasses and bukit and spade

  7. My favourite holiday was Tenerife when I was 4 years old because I went with my Mum and Dad. It was sunny and I spent a lot of time in the swimming pool with Mum and Dad, playing games with the inflateable toys. We went to the animal park, and I went on a small rollacoaster on my own. We ate lots of yummy food, and I made friends with a Spanish girl. We couldn’t speak eachother’s language.


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