Bonfire Night!

Last week year 1 celebrated Bonfire Night.

We made our own exploding firework pictures and make our own chocolate apples!                                                                          What did you do to celebrate Bonfire Night?


Run, run, run!

This week we have been look at the story of the Gingerbread Man.

We had to write a set of instructions on how to make a gingerbread man, so had a go at baking some first, to find out.

First we had to mix the ingredients together in the bowl.

We added golden syrup.

Next we rolled out the dough, and we used a gingerbead cutter to cut the shapes.

Next we put our gingerbread men in the oven, luckily our didn’t away!

Finally they were ready to eat, they were very yummy!

You could have a go at making gingerbead men at home and bring us your pictures in!


Our First Week!

Year 1 had a fantastic first week and have been very busy!

We started our plants topic and have been planting and selling plants in our role play area.

We also carried out our first experiment – to find out

what happens when we leave the stem of white flowers in blue food


We have really enjoyed our first week in year 1, and are looking forward to lots more!