Year 6 ‘Fiver challenge’

Look below to see which products Year 6 have created for your pleasure.

Items will be on sale from Wednesday 29th June 2016.

Pic n Mix

pic n mix

Pic n mix is a delightful combination of sweets in a transparent bag full of wonder.

These are sweets that really mind control you into eating them but don’t turn them down because they will make your life just a lot better.

When you eat them you feel like you’re in heaven mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Don’t frown – it will let us down.

Bags include: strawberry laces, a variety of bon bons, lots of lollipops, sour sweets, maoams etc.

Small = 50p       Medium = £1        Large = £1.50

                                             Shell Animals

shell animals

Fancy shelling out on a new pet?

Our range includes: dogs, ladybirds, turtles, crabs etc

Each animal costs £1

Booktastic Bookmarks

emoji bookmark

Are you always losing your place when reading your book?

Then you need a booktastic bookmark – guaranteed to keep your page safe.

Each bookmark comes with a bag full of goodies. Each bookmark and bag of goodies costs £1

Galaxy Masters

lava lamps

Want to add some colour to your bedroom? Then you need a lava lamp.

They make a perfect room décor, gift or even just a cool item for yourself.

A Galaxy lamp just keeps getting better.

Each lamp costs £1

Wand pencils

wand pencils

 If you are a fan of Harry Potter then a wand pencil is for you.

You can draw, write or even cast spells with them.

Decorated with metallic paint each pencil costs 50p

Emoji plushy

emoji plushy

How cute are our Emoji plushies.

The range includes: love heart eyes, cheeky face, angel, sour sweet face plus a limited edition Olympic emoji

Each Emoji costs £1