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National Smile Month

From the 15th May until the 15th June it is officially ‘National Smile Month’.

The focus for this campaign is to highlight the need for good dental health, therefore showing a nice smile.

One of our school rules is to ‘Be Happy’ – so share with everyone what makes you smile. It might be playing with your friends, playing with your pet, spending time with your family, reading a good book, playing your favourite game – you will know what it is.

How do you like your pancakes?

Pancake Day has been celebrated for centuries.

Another name for this day is Shrove Tuesday, which always falls on the day before Ash Wednesday, which is the first day of the Christian festival of Lent. As this is a 40 day period of fasting, it was tradition to use up any leftover food before Lent began – hence the tradition of eating pancakes, as this used up any leftover milk, eggs and flour.

We like to put different fillings in our modern day pancakes.

What are your favourite fillings – share these with everyone so that they can try them at home.

Try to write your entry as a recipe.

How good is it to be back at school?

school events

Welcome back everyone. We have now finished our first week back at school. Why don’t you tell everyone what your favourite part has been. Was it listening to the music at our Music Live concert or perhaps the fun you had at Scooter Day, maybe it was being given extra responsibilities or something that you have done in your new class?

We can’t wait to read your news.