WOW Week – We will remember them …

Our WOW week has been acknowledging the 100 year anniversary of the 1st World War. What has been your thoughts about the week, what have you learnt that has surprised you, which activity did you enjoy the most, has it affected your thoughts about Remembrance Day and what it means?

Share your thoughts and ideas with everyone.

20 thoughts on “WOW Week – We will remember them …”

  1. This WOW week has been probably one of the more sentimental weeks. The 1st World War was a lot to handle when it was going, and still is now. Personally, my favourite part of the week was painting the water bottle ends to look like poppies. I hate to say it, but I didn’t take much consideration into thinking about WW1. Now this week is over, it really has an impact on me and the past. I’m so proud and thankful for all of the people who fought in that terrible, menacing time, and I am grateful that they have made this country what it is.

  2. Hi! This is Mrs Hall from Greenbank Primary School in Rochdale! I just wanted to say that we have been on your blog and we have really enjoyed seeing what you are learning about. We have received your letters from Year 4 and we are looking forward to hearing from you again! We are just in our English lesson where we have been writing our replies!
    Speak soon!

    • Hello Mrs Hall,

      How lovely to hear from you. Thank you for visiting our blog – we cannot wait to read your replies. We’re very excited.

      Mr Cooke

  3. We went to the war museum because it was our trip. There were lots of things like guns tanks war planes and bombs. There was a room in the war museum as well. There are army suits as well.

  4. My favourite thing was the war museum because it was interesting. The thing that hit me was kids hat to go through that in world war 1. I learnt to understand remembrance day.

  5. I was shocked when we sat down in the dinner part. They told us all it was a bombing site. My favourite part of the whole entire day was having a picture in front of the whole entire museum where the poppies. My partner was Madison. It was so fun. It surprised me by the poppies at the front. It was the best trip ever.

  6. I absolutely loved this wow week, it has been my favourite so far, although we only captured the tip of the iceberg I thought that we actually caught a lot of value behind The Great War. Sentimental; a felling a lot of people must have felt then, was a ginormous area in World War 1 and especially must have been for all those families that lost at least 2-3 young boys.
    My favourite event I think must have been doing the biography and map work. This way we found out plenty of interesting information about the hero’s from our local area (Farnworth).

  7. I thought that making poppy’s out of the bottom of the plastic bottles was really fun and creative. When we learnt about the book Peace Lily I thought it was really interesting how she became a nurse. It was very sad, exiting and happy at the same time. We all went on a trip to the imperial war museum to learn about World War 1 and when I walked in I was shocked because it was so big and beautiful. In the museum there were big, green tanks . We now celebrate World War 1 because it has been 100 tears since it ended. Interesting fact: We won the War against Germany. My favourite part about the War museum was the poppy’s outside. I also liked it when we dressed up in school as someone from World War 1, I dressed up as an evacuee. Did you know why the poppy’s were red? They were red because a lot of people died on the grass and they were bleeding. They were also red because they died on poppy fields. The main poppy field that they died on was called The battle of the Somme.

  8. It made me upset because the people had to die for other people. I enjoyed going on the trip. I was surprised by how many people died in the war.

  9. I lover the War Muesum it surprised me that there was a bomb chucked at the factory over the road and I that the Muesum was a bomb site. I was actually surprised that it was 100 years ago that World War 1 ended. The poppyshow was beautiful and how tall and long one of the bombs were.

  10. When we made the poppies out of the bottles it was very fun and also when we went to the imperial war museum I learnt a lot that I didn’t know before. The horse that they used in the war horse play was amazing and the pictures were fantastic . When we first walked into the imperial war museum a man took us to see the first ever machine to fire a shell. When we were cracking the codes (which was very fun ) that also told you a lot about the war because if how it showed what it was like on the telegrams that people used to get. Also when the man came In to see us i fond what he said very interesting. Interesting because I didn’t really know about the war and I really didn’t know how much of an impact it had on people . Like i didn’t know that Manchester used to have the most factories in the world and when you got a postcard you would see famous factories on it . I also didn’t know that Manchester was so highly populated during the war and before it and after it. I also going Friday berry fun and I liked dressing up and the celebration party. Also I liked all of the activities that we did they were very fun

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