The Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games are being held this year, on the Gold Coast, Australia.

This sporting event takes place every 4 years, bringing countries of the Commonwealth together to compete across a range of sporting disciplines.

What canĀ  you find out about the Commonwealth? Which countries are part of it and who is the head of the Commonwealth?

What interesting facts can you find out over the next few weeks, see if you can surprise anyone with the most random fact.

7 thoughts on “The Commonwealth Games”

  1. The leader of the common wealth is the queen of England (AKA queen Elizabeth). These are most of the countries which are taking part: Botswana, Cameroon, Ghana, Antigua, Barbuda, Barbados, Bangladesh, England and Australia and many more.

  2. The head of the common wealth games is Queen Elizabeth ll. The countries attending are Botswana
    * Barbados
    *England and Australia

  3. Italics indicates Commonwealth countries which are not currently members of the Commonwealth Foundation.
    Africa. Botswana. Cameroon. The Gambia. Ghana. …
    Americas. Antigua and Barbuda. The Bahamas. Barbados. Belize. …
    Asia. Bangladesh. Brunei Darussalam. India. Malaysia. …
    Europe. Cyprus. Malta.
    Pacific. Australia. Fiji Islands. Kiribati. Nauru

  4. The countries in the commonwealth games are:Astrailia,Canada,Bahamas and more.The head of the commonwealth games is Bruse Robertson.


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