Thunder and lightning

Imagine that you live in the rainforest and that you have just experienced a tremendous storm. Describe what it was like.

  • What could you hear?
  • Did the animals do anything differently?
  • Were the smells and sounds not the same as usual?
  • How did you protect yourself from the weather?
  • Remember to use lots of descriptive words and phrases – use adjectives, adverbs and similes.

29 thoughts on “Thunder and lightning”

  1. Once there was a thunder storm in the rainforest that is where I live. My name is Abbie. Before the storm it was calm, then it started. It was deafening, the thunder clapped and the lightening cracked. All the animals around me, like the monkeys were squealing and screaming. It smelt like a left over fire. I saved my self from the storm by sheltering under the rainforest canopy until it calmed down , it left the whole forest damp and the quietness that followed was very creepy.

  2. I would go into the bushes if I heard the sound of rumbling and the leaves snaking on the long thin branches and if I saw any animals I would try and help them if I weren’t scared of them if I heard rawing I would run for my life but I think it would be pretty fun to live in the coulorful rainforest.

    • * You’ve used some good imagery Ella, your ‘if, if, if, then sentence should be a sentence on its own though.
      W) Check your spelling of ‘coulorful’.

  3. I can hear all the leaves scraping aginst the branches.The wind was blowing very strong it nearly stepped me of my feet.I saw all the beautiful animal like a spider monkey and all the over animal.I can smell the bark and the the flowers is smell it is very good.It is very humorous.

  4. I would probably hear loud rainning. Then the animals will run and so I would too and get to somewhere with a lot of trees. It would be as loud as elephants swaying around and stomping.

  5. During the thunderstorm I saw all types of animals screeching and screaming around me it was like a stampede.There was no more happiness just fear and sadness.I tried to make a shelter out of crunchy leaves but that didn’t work.So I just sat under a branch waiting for the thunderstorm to clear.The thunderstorm, which was the loudest one I’d ever heard,frightened all the animals away.

    • * I love sentence 2 Tia and your embedded clause.
      W) Can you think of a sentence using brackets that might work in this text?

  6. WOW!! what was that trememdous noise, it nearly burst my ears. the crack of the thunder was followed by the sky lighting up like a christmas tree. Everywhere was smothered in light for a few seconds. I ran for shelter underneath a tree whilst the rain fell on the ground. Animals were frightened and quickly ran to shelter were they could hide from the massive bolt in the sky. Later on the rain drops went though the leaves and fell on my head like speeding bullets from the sky.

  7. In the rainforest after the storm I could hear the animals wailing in fear.
    all the animals during the storm were sheltering in there dens/nests.
    After the storm the rainforest had a terrible, wet, damp, cold smell.
    I sheltered my self by making a den and keeping myself warm and dry from the weather.

  8. I could hear lighting as loud as a drum playing in a samba it was so scary the animals were running to the shelters some were even dying whiles it was happening i smelt wet grass it was a wet smell everywhere. i protected my self by making a shelter real quick i got leafs sticks everything i could find .

    • * You’ve used some good ideas McKenzie.
      W) Remember to use a capital I when writing the pronoun. Check how you write the plural of ‘leafs’.

  9. It started with a loud crash! All the monkeys stopped and looked at the sky, they looked puzzled. It was as if someone had put a blanket over us and the sky turned pitch black. The rain started cascading down the trees and all the baby monkeys cowered. Their parents tried to reassure them before every one made there way to a place of safety.
    The sound was horrific, the moist air was overwhelming and you could smell the damp in the air. The rainforest was no longer alive without the sounds of the animals. We finally found a cave as the rest of the animals found safety to. I wished to never to get caught in a storm again.

  10. I can hear loud noises coming from the trees. The noise is two parrots fighting whoever gets the higher nest.And then the bushes shake but I don’t know what it is .So I went to have a look behind the bush but nothing was there.And then something came flying down in one of the parrots mouths.I could hear loud thunder and bright lightning.

    • * I believe that parrots are very loud indeed Megan.
      W) Can you find a word that should have an apostrophe for possession?

  11. I could hear the birds tweeting at me and flying above my head it was thundering all the animals went crazy.Nosies.I could hear very strange noises coming from the wooded tees it was so scary Jaguars coming to chase me I didn’t want to get hurt by them so I ran as fast as could run.It smelly like something was burning it was like a tsunami but Issy a storm a very bad one too protect myself I was under a wooded tree with really thick leaves I just watch the raindrop shot down.A brush of smoke floated I’ve my head it smelly disgusting.

  12. During the thunderstorm I could hear the trees making loud noises. I could see flashes of light through the branches of the trees. I was scared as were the animals, we all ran and made our way to safety ( sheltered areas covered with any materials i could find).
    Whilst the thunderstorm hung over the rainforest I had to reassure myself that everything will be ok once the storm passes. I could hear screeching and wailing noises coming from the animals within the rainforest.
    After the storm had passed it left a damp, cold and wet smell behind. The rainforest was quiet due to all the animal’s hiding away in their habitats that were still liveable.
    I would never want to be in another thunderstorm like that again as it has scared me.

  13. There was a thunder storm the animals were acting like mainyacts I could smell fire the smell when I was home and I my dad was cooking and it burnt a strong violent smell . The thing that saved me was that I saw a tunnel I jumped in and it saved me but sum of the animals stood under a tree the tree set fire and they heartbreakingly died.

  14. My name is Hannah and I am 10 years old. I got stranded in the rainforest yesterday. Today has became my nightmare. The wind is howling. It’s piercing my ears. The leaves are crackeling. The branches are braking and dropping to the floor with an almighty THUD. The animals are running wild ( causing tons of mayhem.) The rain is flooding in. The mud is squelching beneath my feet. The rain is upto my hips. I may not survive.

  15. In the rain forest i can see the rain falling and the leaves brushing the trees like a woman brushing her hair in the morning. I felt a shiver rushing up and down my back i have never been more scared in my life i needed to get out of there but everywere i turned the lighting struck it was a matter of time before before i was struck and blownup to smitherines. All i could hear was the animal calling for their families and the monkeys screaming for their mothers and the parrots skwaking heir and their. I NEEDED TO GET OUT!!!

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