How do you like your pancakes?

Pancake Day has been celebrated for centuries.

Another name for this day is Shrove Tuesday, which always falls on the day before Ash Wednesday, which is the first day of the Christian festival of Lent. As this is a 40 day period of fasting, it was tradition to use up any leftover food before Lent began – hence the tradition of eating pancakes, as this used up any leftover milk, eggs and flour.

We like to put different fillings in our modern day pancakes.

What are your favourite fillings – share these with everyone so that they can try them at home.

Try to write your entry as a recipe.

15 thoughts on “How do you like your pancakes?”

  1. I like my pancakes to be very simple, but tasty.
    100g plain flour
    2 large egg
    300ml milk
    orange (to squeeze)
    caster sugar (to taste)
    Mix the flour, eggs and milk together to make a batter.
    Pour a ladle of the batter into a hot pan and cook until firm and golden on both sides (take care if tossing the pancake)
    Add orange juice and sugar and roll the pancake up.
    Eat and enjoy.

  2. Here is one from the war time that year 5 used, to make pancakes today:

    Eggless Pancakes

    4 tablespoons of flour (UK)- 5 tbls (US) – 60 ml (Europe)
    pinch of sugar and salt
    milk and water to bind (vegans use almond milk)
    lard or dripping to fry (vegans use Earth Balance shortening)

    Mix the flour with the salt and sugar and add the water/milk to make a nice thick batter
    Heat the lard/dripping until smoking hot in the pan then lower the heat a little
    Pour in 1/4 of the mixture to make a medium sized pancake
    Cook until browned and then turn over and repeat
    Eat with jam, golden syrup or lemon juice (if being authentic)
    Makes 4 pancakes

  3. Well, I don’t know any recipes, but I actually don’t like pancakes, Yeah, i know, i’m weird aren’t I! I tried one on Shrove Tuesday, with sugar, lemon and honey and I nearly threw up!

  4. How to make a Chinese pancake

    Ingredients (serves 6 but 5 each)

    450 grams plain flour
    310 millilitres boiling water
    1 teaspoon vegetable oil
    sesame oil


    Stir the boiling water into the flour, add the oil and knead into a firm dough. Cover with a damp towel or cling film and set aside 30 mins. Knead dough 5 mins until smooth.
    Divide and roll into three cylinders, cut each cylinder into 8-10. Roll each piece of dough into a ball and press into a flat disc with the palm of your hand.
    Brush one disc with sesame oil and place another disc on top. Using a rolling pin, flatten each pair of discs into a 6 inch pancake. Heat an ungreased frying pan over high heat, then reduce the heat to low and place the pairs of pancakes, on at a time, into the pan.
    Turn over when brown spots start to appear on the underside. When the second side is cooked, lift the pancakes out and carefully peel them apart.
    Fold each pancake in half with the cooked side facing inwards, and set aside under a damp cloth. For 10 mins before serving, steam the pancakes in a steamer over simmering water.

    For toppings:
    You could add crispy pieces of duck, sticks of cucumber, a blob of rice (Optional) and Hoisin Sauce.

  5. I’m a little bit boring when it comes to Pancakes, I go for the classic. Standard pancake with sugar and lemon juice is my preferred option. That being said, I trick my children into eating vegetables using pancakes.

    I blend together carrot, broccoli and a banana (sometimes I add extra vegetables) with the standard pancake mixture and then cook it in the usual fashion. I don’t think they’re particularly tasty but my children seem to like them and they’re relatively healthy.


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