The Greatest story ever told …

The Easter story is known as the ‘Greatest Story ever told’, where Jesus sacrificed his life for his beliefs.

This week’s blog is asking you to research the Easter story and to summarise it in no more than 5 sentences.

Target: Each sentence should be a different sentence type and you should aim to use a :  ;   (  )  –


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Spring is here

This week is officially the start of Spring. This is the season where the Earth comes to life again after a period of sleep through the winter, new animals are born and the flowers and trees start to grow new leaves.

What do you think about when you think of Spring? Describe the changes that take place.

Target : To use 5 different sentence types, brackets and a semi-colon.


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What would you say about you?

We are quickly approaching Parent’s Evening. If you were the Y6 teacher what would you say about you?

Comment on

a) the quality of your work.

b) how hard you work

c) your behaviour

d) your general attitude

Target: To use at least 6 different exciting sentences.

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World Book Day

Later this week we are celebrating World Book Day. As a school we are focussing on poetry.

Write about your favourite poem. Why is it your favourite? What makes it so enjoyable to read? Are the characters interesting? Does it rhyme and if so how does that rhyme connect with the theme of the poem?

Convince me that your poem is the best!

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Should fox hunting be banned?

Fox hunting has been banned in this country, there are arguments on both sides of this law.

Fox hunting is a sport, it is cruel, foxes should be allowed to live unharmed etc.It keeps the number of foxes under control, foxes kill many farm animals, it is an English tradition etc

Think about these arguments, include some of your own and write an answer to the question:

Q: Should fox hunting be allowed in this country?Remember to include connectives and a range of sentence types.

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Who do you admire?

We have just finished a literacy unit on biographies where we looked at different famous people.

We all know people that we admire and aspire to be like.

It might be a famous sportsperson, it might be someone off television, it might be someone in school or a member of your family.

Who do you admire and why. Remember to give really clear reasons for your choice.

Target: To include at least 5 sentences, 1 of which needs to be an ‘imagine + 3 examples’ sentence and 1 should be a ‘then and now’ sentence.


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Should people be allowed to smoke?

Give your thoughts on our class blog as to whether people should be allowed to smoke at all, even in their homes? Discuss with your classmates on their blogs what your thoughts are.


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Eat your way to good health

Healthy eating is an important part of looking after our bodies. Can you think about a day’s worth of healthy meals and snacks, share them with the class, then we can see if anyone has interesting ideas that we can try at home.


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Be healthy, stay healthy

I want you to list the top ten things that you need to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It might be that you already do some of them or it might be that you need to start doing a lot of them!?

Have a good think about what the top ten would be on your list.

Remember to make suggestions about what other people in the class could do that would help them.

Remember to write in full sentences, check your punctuation before pressing POST and also check your spelling.


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Train to win

This week’s blog is designed to be a joint effort, you must pretend that you are in training for a big sporting event. What sorts of things are you going to change in order to be ready to win this competition. You can choose what sort of competition it is, it might be swimming, cycling, running – the choice is yours. Whatever you choose you need to think about changes to your diet and exercise routines so that you are as fit as you can be for the big day.

I want you to help each other, go on each other’s blogs and make suggestions about what they could do that would help them.

Remember to write in full sentences, check your punctuation before pressing POST and also check your spelling.


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