Odd or what?

How strange is this?

This frog, which measures 2.5cm high and lives in Patagonia in South America, swallows its frogspawn and hatches the tadpoles in a sac in its throat. When the tadpoles are big enough to survive it literally ‘spits them out’

What a strange habit.

Your task it to find another rainforest creature which has a strange habit, I can’t wait to read about them.

The storm to beat all storms …

Imagine that you live in the rainforest and that you have just experienced a tremendous storm. Describe what it was like.

  • What could you hear?
  • Did the animals do anything differently?
  • Were the smells and sounds not the same as usual?
  • How did you protect yourself from the weather?
  • Remember to use lots of descriptive words and phrases – use adjectives, adverbs and similes.

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