Be healthy, stay healthy

I want you to list the top ten things that you need to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It might be that you already do some of them or it might be that you need to start doing a lot of them!?

Have a good think about what the top ten would be on your list.

Remember to make suggestions about what other people in the class could do that would help them.

Remember to write in full sentences, check your punctuation before pressing POST and also check your spelling.


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Train to win

This week’s blog is designed to be a joint effort, you must pretend that you are in training for a big sporting event. What sorts of things are you going to change in order to be ready to win this competition. You can choose what sort of competition it is, it might be swimming, cycling, running – the choice is yours. Whatever you choose you need to think about changes to your diet and exercise routines so that you are as fit as you can be for the big day.

I want you to help each other, go on each other’s blogs and make suggestions about what they could do that would help them.

Remember to write in full sentences, check your punctuation before pressing POST and also check your spelling.


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From one to the other

Your task is to write an account of how the human race evolved in the way we look from ape to man. Think about the structure of the body, the length of the spine and our arms. 

Target: To include ‘paired conjunctions’ and ‘de:de’ sentences.


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The death of the dinosaur

About 70 million years ago dinosaurs were the largest land animals. There were many different species of dinosaur. Some small mammal species existed alongside the dinosaurs. However, about 65 million years ago the last species of dinosaurs died out, dinosaurs became extinct.

Can you discuss why you think the dinosaurs became extinct?


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Where did we come from?

It is believed that we have evolved from the apes. Do you believe or disbelieve this statement. Discuss this on the blog, but remember to use persuasive language to convince the readers that your opinion is the correct one.

Please write a minimum (at least) 5 sentences.


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Dynamic discoveries

Imagine that you are on a deserted island and are the first human to step foot on it. On your expedition you find some unusual fossils. I want you to write a diary entry about your finds. What do they look like, what does it tell you about life on the island centuries ago, what do you think they are fossils of?

Remember to use at least 3 different sentence types and a range of punctuation.

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Choose to change

You’ve been looking at adaptation, where a plant or animal has changed to suit its environment.

Choose one of the following habitats:

Garden, Desert, Urban, Forest, Sea

Select an animal that has adapted to living in this environment and explain how it has done this.

Make sure that you use 5 different exciting sentence types.


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How WOW was your week?

Last week was our first WOW week of the year. We focused on Hinduism, in particular the festival of Diwali (the festival of light).

What did you enjoy last week. Which new facts did you learn, did anything surprise you?

Write a recount of last week, remember to use a range of sentence types and a variety of punctuation.

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Divali – knowledge over ignorance

One of the points celebrated during Divali is the importance of knowledge over ignorance. To be ignorant means to not know something. Why do you think it is important to have knowledge, what good can it bring, why is sometimes too much knowledge a bad thing? How can you acquire (get) knowledge? Is it all about coming to school or can you get knowledge in other ways?


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What have you learnt?

We have been learning all about the rainforest – what have you learnt that you didn’t know before we started? Write a paragraph that shares your learning with your readers.

Your blog should be at least 5 sentences long and should include at least 2 of our exciting sentences.

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